Essential International Travel Tips from Nerium

By September 5, 2014Announcements

Building a business with Nerium International™ is not only profitable but fun! Especially when it comes to traveling as part of your “job”. We love to travel and encourage you to join us at as many Nerium events as possible; however, we also want you to remain safe. Here are our “Top 10 Essential International Travel Tips”:
1. Always travel with a local, who is more likely to know the area, the local customs, and the appropriate protocols and practices for your destination.
2. Always keep a paper copy of your passport at all times and keep the original locked up safely in the hotel.
3. Don’t invite theft by wearing expensive clothing or jewelry. Dress discreetly!
4. Never share personal or family information with strangers, including hotel staff — criminal enterprises are global networks and can even include your hometown.
5. Always carry emergency contact numbers with you — this may include medical cards, the local U.S. Consulate contact numbers, and numbers of local friends. When leaving the hotel for an outing, pick up a hotel card so that you always have the hotel address with you.
6. Only use official and licensed forms of transportation. Ask hotel staff to order taxis for you, rather than hailing them off the street. Street-level buses and shuttles will not have any security measures.
7. There is strength in numbers! Travel in groups whenever possible.
8. Avoid the streets altogether at night.
9. Try not to look like a tourist! Study your area and know your route before leaving the hotel. Walking around with a map and a camera only attracts attention. Try to blend in with the locals.
10. Be sensible, alert, and aware of your surroundings at all times and do not invite trouble!
Note: Remember to contact your insurance company before traveling to review your coverage including medical, general liability, and driver’s insurance. If you are renting a car, you should be well-informed about your insurance coverage.

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  • Victoria says:

    Very smart information here! Always trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel safe or something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Being a dual citizen, even when I go to my homeland, I act like I never left!

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