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By April 10, 2015Announcements

We are excited to share with you that we have updated our resources to make sharing the Nerium product story even more effective! These resources were designed with you in mind so that you can easily and seamlessly continue to spread the word about the scientifically based exclusive products that Nerium offers.

nerium_disc_brochureProduct Brochures
We have revamped our product brochures to bring you the most updated and detailed information to hand out to your prospects. The new high-end look will leave prospects impressed and ready to see their own real results! The new product brochures are easy to hand out when you drop off bottles to your prospects.

The product brochures can be purchased from the Nerium store.

What Experts are Saying
Nerium’s Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading dermatologists who share the scientific details about Nerium products, so that you don’t have to!

NeriumAD Formula

Optimera Formula

Importance of Science in Skincare

These videos will be available in your Nerium Communication Center starting Tuesday, April 14.

global_small2Global Product Training Guide
This is your complete product roadmap, which you can use as a reference guide to guide you through Nerium’s product information so that you will have it readily available whenever you need it. Download this today to read through and available as a reference piece. You can also purchase a copy from the Nerium Store.

How Nerium Products Work 
Available in Nerium’s Communication Center is this attention grabbing video that explains in high-end animation how Nerium’s hero ingredients NAE-8 and SIG-1273 work on the skin to make it look and feel younger. Now when someone asks you exactly how Nerium products work, you have the perfect video to reference when explaining!



Our team at Nerium Headquarters has devised these in depth assets specifically with Brand Partners in mind. The goal was for prospects to be able to fully grasp the concepts of the Nerium product line and be compelled to experience their own Real Results.

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