Mexico Market Party: The Audi Excitement Builds!

By January 13, 2015Announcements

On January 8, 2015, Nerium Leaders joined nearly 180 people at the Mexico Market Party, celebrating Real Results and the ever-growing business ties between Nerium and Audi in Mexico.

Brand Partner Audi GiveawayKey leaders at the event were 2-star NMD Damon Rourke, and 1-star NMDs Aaron Dinh and Cathy Ngo. They were able to witness two brand partners receive Audis! Adding to the growing excitement, two more Brand Partners will again be rewarded with a luxury car at the Audi Center Queretaro in February!

Looking to the Future

To our fellow Nerium Brand Partners in Mexico, know that you’re not far from bringing home an Audi of your own with our Audi Car Bonus Program. Qualify for a monthly car bonus payment by reaching the rank of Senior Director, and then move to a higher bonus payment by reaching National Marketing Director, and finally, get yourself to 3-Star NMD and you’ve earned your car!

With this exciting deal, the dream of driving a luxury car is suddenly right within your grasp. Just three ranks separate Brand Partners from taking advantage of this exclusive offer and getting behind the wheel of an Audi. This is no pipedream, this is a goal that any and all BP’s can achieve. To learn more, review the Audi Car Bonus Program details. (Note: PDF is in Spanish)

The excitement doesn’t end there – Nerium Mexico has worked specifically with the Audi Center Queretaro Dealership to offer special support to BPs, and we are also currently working to offer an additional discount exclusively for Nerium Brand Partners!

Nerium Mexico is in your corner as you move down the path to qualifying for this great deal. With a wide range of tools, videos and training resources to better your business, you have everything you need to advance in rank and qualify for this promotion!

Nerium International is excited to offer our Brand Partners numerous roadmaps to success and great opportunities that are REAL. Remember to never give up, keep driving forward, and be encouraged knowing that as former American Football League (AFL) player, motivational speaker/author Eric Thomas says, “All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point”…you’re almost there!

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  • PyrScheme?mmnjj says:

    The Nerium website claimed that Nerium will not be selling Nerium in Canada. They will be selling Optimera so that it will be easier for BP to sell between countries (internationally) if they are selling the same product. How does this support the fact that Optimera is being sold in Canada and Nerium is being sold in Mexico. Why would Canada not allow Nerium Oleander products to be sold in Canada? I do not understand.

    • JW RICHARD says:

      Optimera is our international product and it is sold in Canada and Mexico. NeriumAD Day and Night, as well as NeriumFirm, are only sold in the United States.

      • Kay Rigotti says:

        Good top realize ladies being new to the company…thanks for clarifying. I added everyone to my group and hope that we can all have discussions here on a regular basis. I was thinking that we could determine a specific day and time where we all can attend and then do this every week no matter what. If any of your would like to do this let me know!

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