Nerium Featured in Success From Home Magazine


Nerium is prominently featured for the fourth year in a row in the popular magazine, Success From Home.

Success from Home is the most powerful and effective way for you to share the Nerium message with prospective customers and Brand Partners. Leverage this magazine to take your Nerium business to the next level.

This new issue has several feature articles that Brand Partners can use to share the Nerium opportunity. Each article is targeted to a specific audience and designed to help Brand Partners provide compelling content to prospects in any age range or demographic. Included are relatable, real-life success stories that can be shared with prospects. The best way to encourage others to join is to show how many lives Nerium has already changed!

One article, Supercharge Your Brain, focuses exclusively on Nerium’s new product, EHT® Supplement. Share this article with athletes, older prospects or students – anyone who wants to improve memory, recall and overall brain health can benefit from EHT!

Another feature story, Leading the Way, promotes Nerium as a groundbreaking company with exclusive products and a lucrative opportunity. This article highlights how Nerium has helped so many people go from dead-end jobs and mounting debt to become successful, independent business owners. Whether your prospects are looking for a full- or part-time income, this article explains why Nerium is a smart choice for entrepreneurs.

Another exciting story details how to find financial freedom by the age of 30. It’s about Nerium’s Young Entrepreneur Program (YEP) for Brand Partners between the ages of 18–29. This article will appeal to young entrepreneurs looking for something more than a traditional 9-to-5 job or office routine.

Success from Home will be on newsstands nationwide on December 1, so this is a great chance to pick up copies before they are released to the public. Debut parties are scheduled for the week of December 7, so it’s important that all Brand Partners have copies on hand in advance. Special 40-page supplements done entirely in Spanish and French will also be available on in December.

During Get Real Dallas, Nerium is offering free shipping on all Success from Home orders of 100 copies or more. Visit the Nerium Store to get pricing and place your order now!

Success from Home is your best resource for selling the Nerium opportunity – it allows you to be the messenger, not the message!  Order your copies today and get ready to build your business!

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