Nerium International Expands into the Korean Market

By April 10, 2015Announcements

Nerium Opportunity In Korea

Get ready Korea! North America’s favorite skin care company is headed overseas and Asia-Pacific (APAC) is our first stop!

Since Nerium International launched in 2011, we have experienced record-breaking sales, earned numerous industry accolades, and built a loyal customer base of millions in North America. Nerium’s phenomenal successes are driving the need for continued global expansion and it’s undebatable that there is tremendous opportunity in one of the world’s largest skin care markets – Korea. Additionally, APAC is one of the most important regions for relationship marketing. According to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) Global Statistical Report, this region with more than 4.2 billion people accounts for 44% of the Global Direct Selling Market!

“We are thrilled to announce that Nerium is expanding into the Korean market with cutting-edge, proprietary products that provide unparalleled breakthroughs in skin care technology,” says President of International, Roy Truett. “Our product formulas are based on patented, exclusive ingredients that no other company can use or duplicate. This positions Nerium as one of the elite in the skin care industry and we anticipate a surge of momentum in the field as we head into Asia.”

Things are going great for Nerium and our international formula, Optimera, is off the charts right now! We have spent the time to do this right with intentionality, putting the right platforms in place and positioning Nerium to grow in the Korean Market as we did in North America where Nerium broke many records in the direct selling industry. We are ready to do that all over again in Korea!

We are also pleased to introduce and welcome BJ Choi to our executive team as the General Manager of Korea. BJ Choi is an accomplished corporate executive and international business leader with over two decades of experience in the direct selling industry.

“I’m extremely excited to join the Nerium family and I can’t wait to bring this incredible opportunity to our Korean consumers in late June,” said Choi. “I am happy to be part of a company that provides best-in-class products with such incredible results, something that I haven’t seen offered by any other direct sales company in Korea yet.”

Key Details on Korean Market Expansion

• Our official launch date will be July 16. At launch, Nerium Night Cream (Optimera Formula) will be available for sale in Korea. To support our new Korean Brand Partners, we will have a full support system including a full support staff in Seoul, Korea, new websites, an Online Business Center, marketing tools and training in Korean.

• We are proud to announce that our compensation plan will be seamless across all markets, allowing all Brand Partners to build a truly global business.

If you are a Brand Partner wondering how this exciting announcement can help you grow your business, click here.

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  • Kevin says:

    Will we be approved by the KFDA?

    • JW RICHARD says:

      As part of our commitment to build a sustainable business for our company and our Brand Partners, Nerium International will always work with the necessary regulatory agencies when we open in new markets.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Thank you for your interest in Nerium International. Since Nerium is not yet open for business in Australia, we trust that you mean you’re watching the company with interest on when we open there.

  • Murray Hopa says:

    Yes watching and enjoying the people becoming free!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Information will be forthcoming. Please stay tuned.

  • As a Brand Partner, are we able to promote this on our Facebook pages or is that against the policies and procedures?

  • Cathy Gergen says:

    I thought I saw a pre-launch date for South Korea at conference, but I am not finding anything now. At this time, is there a pre-launch planned prior to the June 27 launch?

  • Kimberly Norfleet Lovelace says:

    What type of literature written in Korean
    can we send to people in Korea?

  • JW RICHARD says:

    We will have a full support system including a full support staff in Seoul, Korea, new websites, compensation plan, an Online Business Center, marketing tools and training in Korean will be available at launch at the end of June 2015.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    All the information for prospects in Korea will be available when we launch in late June. There will not be any pre-registration forms.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    More information will be available for Korea when we launch in late June. There will be a new website, compensation plan, videos, and more.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Hello. If you are interested in being a BP in Korea, please stay tuned as Nerium Korea materials will available in late June.

  • Tish Whalen Allen says:

    As Information becomes available, I will forward to you! I love this company and would love to help you any way I can!

  • Stay tuned – would love to help you out in June!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Stay tuned to this blog for more information as we expand.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    She’ll be able to sponsor her Korean friends as a Chinese citizen *only* when Nerium International opens for business in China. Until then, she is unable to sponsor them as a Chinese citizen.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Any videos from Nerium International’s You Tube channel specifically ( are free to share. Please note that there are no videos yet on Nerium International’s You Tube referencing compensation plan, product, or business for Korean citizens at the time of this writing.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Please refer to for all the latest on Korea.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Stay tuned to for all the latest on Nerium International opening in Korea.

    • Diana Riglet says:

      Thanks JW-figured it out! I have prospects in Busan and Seoul so we’ll be attending those events. May have others going to actual launch on June 27th. We’re really excited!! I’m thrilled about the expansion and to be a brand partner!

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Please stay tuned to for all the latest on Nerium International in Korea.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    If she is a Chinese citizen living in China, she cannot begin her business as a Nerium Brand Partner until we open for business in China. Please stay tuned as we expand.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    You are correct, Kimberly. Please make sure your prospects in Korea will be at the Nerium International Opportunity Meeting May 7th and May 9th. More information at

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Please let your prospect know that the night and day creams are vegetarian products. Hope this helps.

  • Diana Riglet says:

    I’m a brand partner and would like to secure 5-tickets for the launch party in Seoul on June 27th. I have three Korean business people confirmed to attend the event. Please let me know how to secure tickets ASAP. I’ve heard all RR parties have sold out immediately. I don’t want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

  • Jimmy Kindred says:

    This is so exciting. I will be there the week of the launch to help those that are looking to be apart of this life changing opportunity in Korea.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Concerning any Brand Partner (new/existing) that wants to expand their business into South Korea, all the latest information is available at At this writing , information on the compensation plan and product pricing has not been released. Please check for updates at

  • I’m a Brand Partner and would like to help you. Stay in touch.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Please follow for all things related to Nerium business in Korea.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Please follow (and share) for all things related to Nerium business in Korea.

  • Thomas J. Considine says:

    You repeatedly tell us to refer to the website for information on the Korean market, however there is no option to read an English version of the site. I have many friends and business associates in the Asian market (Japan, China) waiting for Nerium to open there. However I would like to read your marketing and BP information for Korea so I can better understand any changes from American marketing to Asian Marketing and incentives. A quick example would be the Lexus opportunity in USA to how your making a similar offer to Korean BP. Thank you !!!

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