Nerium’s Partnership with Signum Biosciences Includes Nerium EHT® & SIG-1273

By May 4, 2015Announcements, Results

Nerium International is proud and excited to have partnered with Signum Biosciences and obtained exclusive rights to EHT®, Nerium’s newest product, and the SIG-1273® molecule, which has been added to our Optimera™ formula.

For years, brain researchers had been looking for a safe and natural way to enhance brain health. Dr. Jeffry Stock, a Princeton University professor, and his team of researchers at Signum discovered EHT®, a naturally occurring mix of bioactive molecules that increase brain health.

Twenty years of research in Dr. Stock’s laboratory led to the creation of SIG-1273. This progressive, bioactive molecule was perfected after 1,272 versions, then patented as an advanced, age-fighting ingredient.

Signum Biosciences is a private biotechnology company dedicated to creating therapeutic molecules. Signum has developed other molecules for leading skincare companies, but has now partnered with Nerium International to exclusively license its cosmetic technology and all future nutritional supplements. Signum was co-founded by Dr. Stock, who is chairman of its board of directors.

Signum conducts research in partnership with prestigious and accredited universities, as well as government and industry organizations to create novel and patented ingredients.

We are proud to have partnered with Signum Biosciences in order to bring our Brand Partners new and exciting additions to our product line.

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