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We recently announced the winners of our 2015 Reflect Your Youth Contest. Our contest showcases how real people from their 20s to their 70s and beyond are loving their skin thanks to our products.


It was wonderful to get to see all the inspirational stories submitted for this contest, and it reminded us that our products have benefits at every point in a user’s life. For you, the below videos are invaluable. Have you ever had a prospect say to you, “I’m 28 – I’m not worried about wrinkles”? How about men who think they don’t need skincare? Our winners are real people who are truly enjoying the results of Nerium’s products.


Below, you can meet our inspirational winners. We’re sure your prospects will love seeing these relatable videos!



JessicaMeet Jessica from St. Louis! Jessica, 28, was self conscious about the texture of her skin. But now, she’s using less makeup and letting her inner glow shine through. She’s not worried about wrinkles just yet, but she knows she doesn’t have to fear the future signs of aging, thanks to Nerium!! Check out her story here.


“I have this glow! I don’t need any of my old make-up routines anymore!”

“With Nerium, I don’t have to fear the future anymore!”



KhalilahCheck out 37-year-old Khalilah’s story. Before Nerium, she says she just didn’t feel pretty. Now she receives compliments everywhere she goes and is glowing from the inside out! This mother of two from Reno, Nevada credits Nerium with her refreshed, youthful look! Watch her amazing transformation here!


“After 2 weeks, I noticed that I had this amazing glow!”

“It does work for all skin types and people of all ethnicities. It’s a product for everyone!”



LauraLaura from Denver doesn’t like to wear makeup in her everyday life. Nerium has given this 40-year-old the confidence to know that, even without makeup, her skin looks vibrant and radiant! She loves how Nerium products help her feel comfortable in her own skin! Check out Laura’s story here.


 “I use it every day and love it.”

“My skin rocks!”



NathanMeet 53-year-old Nathan from San Francisco. Nathan had never felt good about his skin before Nerium. From his teenage years through adulthood, there was always something that caused him to be self-conscious. But now, he’s actually proud of his skin – and he loves how easy it is to see results with Nerium! Check out his inspiring story here!


“The best thing about Nerium is it’s simple!”

“Nerium has helped with my forehead, crow’s feet around my eyes, reduced pore size and evened out discoloration….”



MaryMari from Kansas is 62. Mari always felt young, but didn’t like that she felt she no longer looked young. Nerium has changed all that – even her grandchildren have noticed how great she looks! Mari loves Nerium because it’s easy, affordable, and makes her look and feel her very best! See how great 62 looks like here!

“It’s simplified my life. It’s affordable and I love the results!”

“I feel 30 years old!”



EstherMeet Esther – a mother, wife and grandmother from Southern California. At 78 years old, Esther’s noticing real changes in the appearance of the skin around her eyes and on her neck. She loves how Nerium is not about buying a whole system of products – she gets great results from just one bottle! Esther says Nerium is good for her skin and her pocketbook! Watch her story here.


“My husband noticed and said I was looking really good!”

“People think when they see a picture of me it’s a photo shoot!”


Aren’t these videos incredible? You’ll be able to share these videos with your prospects through both the Nerium Communications Center and our soon-to-be released social media tool GoSocial. Who do you know who’s ready to reflect their youth with Nerium?



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