Nerium Acquires Anti-Aging Molecule SIG-1273

By April 10, 2015Announcements


Exciting News!

Nerium International has obtained the world-wide exclusive rights to the patented SIG-1273® anti-aging molecule engineered by Dr. Jeffry Stock. SIG-1273 is the result of 20 years of intensive biomedical skin care research. This intelligent molecule was perfected and patented as SIG-1273 after the creation and study of 1,272 preliminary molecules. This revolutionary anti-aging molecule with superior age-defying benefits is now available exclusively in Nerium International’s Optimera Formula line.

What is SIG-1273

SIG-1273 is a breakthrough in anti-aging skincare because it goes beyond treating just the symptoms of aging – such as fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and discoloration: it also addresses their root causes. SIG-1273 works by mimicking and boosting the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism and enhancing the skin’s ability to combat the oxidative stress that can lead to skin damage. The result – younger, healthier-looking skin!


To see how this breakthrough fits into the Optimera formula story, watch the new product video click here!

Get Yours Today!

This powerful, exclusive ingredient is now available in Nerium’s Day and Night Creams containing the Optimera Formula. This updated formula will start shipping out Tuesday, April 14 in Canada and Mexico.

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