It’s Time To Reach Out To Your Mexican Prospects!

By September 17, 2014Announcements

Nerium Mexico Launch

Are you a U.S. or Canadian Brand Partner? Are you ready to give your business an epic boost? Well now is the time to start spreading the word of Optimera to Mexico! Simply follow these easy steps to start pre-aligning your Mexican prospects.

Step 1: Invite them to listen to the “Mexico Expansion Sizzle Call”.
U.S.: +1 432 847 4855
MX: (55) 4170-8085

Step 2: Have your Mexico prospect sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) in English or Spanish. Hold on to the LOI until we are officially open for business on October 2nd, and then have them complete the official Nerium BP enrollment.

Step 3: Send your Mexico prospects the Mexico Pre-Alignment document so that they can gather their own prospects too.

Step 4: REPEAT!

Start Building your Spanish-Speaking BP Base in U.S. & Canada
With our expansion to Mexico, NOW is the perfect time to start building your Spanish-speaking BP base! Use the GoShow app and videos in the Nerium Communication Center to share Nerium with your Spanish-speaking prospects in the U.S. and Canada. Make it a goal to enroll at least one new Spanish-speaking prospect by October 2nd!

Your Action Plan on October 2
Contact your prospects that have signed the Letter of Intent (LOI) and have them sign up as Nerium Brand Partners through your personalized marketing website, or by filling out a Brand Partner application form.

Things To Know About The Exciting Mexico Expansion!

• The official launch date is October 2nd. NO enrollments or sales can occur until the official opening.
• Optimera Day and Night Creams will be the only products available to be sold in Mexico – NOT NeriumAD® or Nerium Firm.
• Once we launch, all major credit cards will be accepted (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) as well as a cash payment option. All pricing and payments will be in Mexican Peso.
• All government regulations will be applicable (CURP and RFC will be mandatory to enroll as Brand Partner).
• At launch, we will have a full support system in place for Mexico, including support staff located in Mexico, websites, an Online Business Center, Spanish launch kits, marketing tools, and training in Spanish.
• We are proud and excited that our compensation plan will be seamless across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

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