Updated U.S. Korean Resources Available

By January 6, 2015Announcements

Nerium US Korean Materials UpdatedNerium International is quickly climbing the ranks as one of the greatest companies to be a part of worldwide. We believe that our success begins with our North American Brand Partners, who are dispersed throughout United States, Canada and Mexico. The Nerium corporate office groups are invested in supporting our ever-changing and growing cultures and have been diligent in translating resources that will accommodate the different languages our Brand Partners speak.

In addition to offering French and Spanish tools, we now have up-to-date key resources that will help support our US Korean-speaking Nerium Brand Partners as well! Essential Korean resources are available for immediate use in the Online Business Center. Whether you’re already one of our Korean-speaking Brand Partners or just thinking about sharing Nerium with your Korean prospects, leverage these valuable tools today!

Here is a list of updated US Korean tools:
• The Nerium Opportunity Power Point Presentation
• Success Planner
• Compensation Plan
• Real Results Party Toolkit
• Product Party and Real Results Party Sign-in Sheets
• Brand Partner Application Form, Retail and Preferred Customer Forms
• Videos to share with prospects in NCC
• The Nerium Experience Opportunity Video, plus more!

Brand Partners will need to login to the Online Business Center page. In the marketing center, under the US English category, click on “Korean Materials,” which is located on the left side menu of options.

Continue to check weekly for the latest Korean information, online training, videos, and marketing resources!

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