8 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum

Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum

In just a few short years, Nerium International has shattered industry records for sales with our groundbreaking anti-aging skincare products, a growing customer base, and innovative solutions for addressing the underlying causes of skin aging. What can we say? Skin care is our thing – which is why it’s important to us to provide customers and Independent Brand Partners with relevant information about our products to help you decide which breakthrough product is perfect for revealing a younger-looking you.

How to get the most from your products

The best part about Nerium products is that our multi-functional range of anti-aging skin care solutions is developed to not only address multiple signs of skin aging but also the underlying causes. Nerium products work wonders even if used with other brands, it’s true, but for optimal results we recommend using our products in conjunction with Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream/Day Cream, Firming Body Contour Cream, Age-Defying Eye Serum and to supercharge your results, treat yourself to Nerium Eye-VTM Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches, designed to deliver immediate, targeted hydration for a quick, non-surgical “eye lift”.

When It Comes to Your Skincare Regimen, Keep it Simple

Dynamic duo

Just the other day, we explained how Nerium products are developed to be used separately, but using products like Nerium Age-Defying Night and Day Creams work even better as part of a team. Well, we’ve done it again. We have another dynamic duo for you! Age-Defying Eye Serum offers immediate benefits, and with long-term use, targets a reduction in puffiness, dark circles, lines, and wrinkles. The other part of this dynamic duo is Eye-VTM Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches – a weekly boost designed to give the under-eye area quick and targeted hydration for an improved youthful appearance. Product application doesn’t have to test your patience. Contact your Independent Brand Partner for more details. In the meantime, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Age-Defying Eye Serum. You’re welcome.

#1  What is Age-Defying Eye Serum?

To address the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and under eye puffiness, Nerium designed and developed our innovative Age-Defying Eye Serum – a multifunctional age-fighting product suitable for both men and women to be used twice a day for maximum results. Just look at some of our before and after images!

#2  When can I expect to see results?

Independently conducted clinical trials show an immediate reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness. Eye Serum users also show improvement of problem areas with continued use.

#3  How much eye cream should I be using?

Simply apply one pump of Age-Defying Eye Serum per eye in the morning and evening. For optimal results, apply product after using Nerium Age-Defying Night and Day Cream.

#4  How should I apply this product?

After cleansing skin apply Age-Defying Night or Day Cream. Once Night or Day Cream is absorbed, gently smooth one pump of Eye Serum per eye around the eye area. Remain expressionless for at least 30 seconds. See results almost immediately!

#5  What are some of the key ingredients?

Age-Defying Eye Serum features the proprietary SIG-1191TM and IFIL4-RTM ingredients. These advanced ingredients work to:

  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm and brighten the appearance of the eye area
  • Target a reduction in dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles, especially with continued use

Other age-defying ingredients include caffeine to help stimulate circulation; advanced peptide to help skin look fuller and plumper; sodium hyaluronate binds water to the skin for volume and firmness. For a complete ingredients list, view our product site.

#6  Can I use Nerium Age-Defying Eye Serum with other products?

For optimal results, we strongly recommend using Age-Defying Eye Serum in conjunction with our Age-Defying Night Cream/Day Cream and Eye-VTM Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches. Age-Defying Night Cream addresses both the existing and future signs of aging, resulting in radiant, younger-looking skin, while our lightweight Age-Defying Day Cream helps smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles. To complete your skin care regimen, supercharge your results by treating yourself to Eye-VTM Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches designed for a quick, non-surgical “eye lift.”

#7  Is sodium hyaluronate the same as hyaluronic acid?

Sodium hyaluronate offers the same skin-smoothing benefits as hyaluronic acid. However, hyaluronic acid is not easily absorbed into the skin which is where sodium hyaluronate steps up to be a more superior ingredient prominent in Nerium products compared to other skincare products.

#8  Where can I find more information about this product, including price?

For more information on how to use the product, advanced ingredients, and other Nerium skin care solutions, please visit our website. For any additional information, including pricing, please contact your Nerium Independent Brand Partner.

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  • Ermina says:

    These two products are my favorite go to products for my no make up days! I love the serum coupled with the patches!

  • Lynn Goddard says:

    Love the blog really explains use and benefits of the products. Also a great review and reminder

  • Ulda hernandez says:

    I got a sample by mail I did not notice a bit of difference I don’t thnink you can claim what you say on the eye product

    • Nerium International says:

      Ulda, while we understand that the level of results may vary, taking a before and after picture can help show the changes in your skin.

  • SL says:

    When you apply the Nerium Day/Night cream, is it better to avoid the eye area and then use the serum for the eye area afterward? Or, is it better to apply the Day and Night cream on your entire face (including the skin around your eyes), wait until it is absorbed, and then apply the eye serum OVER the Day/Night cream? (I thought I recalled the Day/Night cream instructions saying the eye area might be too sensitive for the Day/Night cream. Thanks for the advice!

    • Nerium International says:

      SL, the Eye Serum is recommended for use after the application of the Night and Day Creams. So, apply the Night or Day Cream first, then Eye Serum on top.

  • Katrina says:

    Awesome explination

  • Marjorie Bomgardner says:

    But the back of the bottle on both day and night creams
    says to avoid soft tissue of eye area so which is it??

  • jan Galluzzo says:

    Best job ever I’m my boss on my time. Products clearly give amazing results…

  • Patricia T Jorden says:

    How can i get a sample of eye serum,i tried many afraid it may not deliver.

    • Nerium International says:

      Hi Patricia, you have two options! First, purchase the product and take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, simply return it. Be sure to take before and after pictures so you can see your progress. Alternatively, contact your local Brand Partner (https://www.nerium.com/us/en/) and he/she will be able to provide you with a sample. Hope this helps!

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