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Whether you’re just starting your Nerium International business or you’re ready to take your success to the next level, finding your rhythm is a step in the right direction. Most people might agree, to accomplish professional and personal goals, it’s always necessary to go the extra mile. And, that’s true. But, here’s another truth: The Nerium Rhythm, written by CEO Jeff Olson, combines the power of The Slight Edge philosophy with Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments, to provide Brand Partners with suggestions for simple actions and attitudes necessary to build a strong, successful Nerium business. The Nerium Rhythm gives Brand Partners a competitive advantage by keeping all company representatives on the same page.

Find Your Rhythm

To find your Nerium Rhythm, you need a philosophy for success. Not just any philosophy but The Slight Edge philosophy  a winning philosophy that teaches how to do the hows. Many people already have the right information about how to achieve the right outcome; most people know which steps to take, but they don’t. Or, perhaps even worse, some people stop taking the necessary steps before they even get the results they want. The Slight Edge philosophy is all about following up and following through, step by step, moment by moment. This philosophy will help empower you to recognize the right information, process it, and then use it to make the right decisions that will support your long-term desires and goals.

Watch Jeff Olson share his ideas for success.

Find Your Commitment

Nerium International’s CEO, Jeff Olson, has developed 10 Core Commitments after working years in direct sales. Olson has seen people worldwide dedicated to persistently, consistently, and with good attitude, use the habits and practices revealed in his 10 Core Commitments. Olson now wants to share the secret to his success, also known as his 10 Core Commitments, with you.

      1. Complete the New Brand Partner Training:
        Complete the New Brand Partner Training module in the Online Training Center. Work with your up-line and support team to develop a Fast Start Game Plan.
      2. Two Exposures a Day, Five Days a Week:
        Share Nerium International’s products and opportunity with at least two people a day for five days a week. Remember, sharing is caring, and it’s easy when you remember you are the messenger, and the third-party tools provided, are the message. Model and teach this practice to your team and watch your business grow.
      3. Share the Products:
         Sharing Nerium International’s products is a core function of our business. Whether you’re leaving Age-Defying Night Cream or a Combo Pack with a client to sample, or using literature and videos to tell prospective customers about the company’s other exciting products, make sure sharing is part of your daily routine.
      4. Attend a Weekly Market Party and/or Real Results Party:
        Parties provide an insider glimpse to potential customers and team members about how Nerium International works. Attend, but also invite your special guests to weekly Market and Real Results get-togethers.
      5. Attend Weekly Training:
        Attend a training party every Monday and watch the weekly training on
        Nerium University.
      6. Attend Monthly Regional Training:
        Seize the opportunity to connect with and learn from Independent Brand Partners from your local and surrounding area during regional events. These events, typically within a three-hour drive, is perfect for training by one of Nerium International’s top leaders.
      7. Attend All Major Corporate Conferences:
        Nerium International’s corporate
        Get Real conference is held once a year. Learn proven business-building strategies and discover what’s next for Nerium International.
      8. Commitment to Personal Development:
        Invest 30 minutes daily in reading or listening to quality books and training materials or watch videos of high achievers. Getting into this habit will dramatically change your life over time.
      9. Find a Workout Partner:
        Work your business with another Independent Brand Partner and hold each other accountable. Check in regularly with one another, and encourage and inspire your workout partner to new levels of success.
      10. Be HERE in a Year:
        Nerium International is a real business, which means it takes real commitment, real time, and real effort. Commit now to invest in a solid year of consistently and persistently building your Nerium International business.

anti-aging skincareFind Yourself

Imagine how simple this is: Combine the power of The Slight Edge philosophy with Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments, and the Nerium Rhythm will help you combine the right

The Nerium Rhythm is available for purchase in the Nerium Store. Get into the Nerium Rhythm now.

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