Nerium: A Cancun Story from Angela

By February 5, 2013Brand Partners, Stories

<strongNerium Brand Partners are presented with amazing opportunities to change their own lives and the lives of others. One such opportunity was the chance to go on an all expenses-paid vacation to Cancun in August 2012. Here’s a firsthand experience from Angela, who took what she learned from the Cancun vacation and applied it to her everyday life:

Wow! I have so many amazing memories from Cancun!

I did have one huge “Ah ha!” moment. It happened the morning that we all got together in our “Loving, Caring, Sharing” t-shirts for our meeting. Everything we heard was awesome and exciting, but Renee was the one that gave me the biggest nugget for the day.
Cancun-NeriumShe talked about getting together with our team for potlucks and family gatherings. She said, “People will leave a company, but they won’t leave a family.” That’s when it hit me! Why hadn’t I been doing that? I looked at my husband, Dan, and knew at that moment that it hit him, too. I asked him, “Are you ready to start loving, caring, sharing and eating with our team?” He gave me a wink and a huge smile; that still melts my heart, even after 25 years! We hit knuckles and I knew that we were totally in this together forever.

I wasted no time and got together with my team the week we arrived home. We decided to do two get-togethers a week. We are now doing a potluck every Monday for Nerium U and a Real Results pizza party and training every Thursday. Julie, another Nerium Brand Partner, lives across the cul-de-sac from me so we move the parties back and forth between our homes. Uplines, downlines, sidelines and anybody else who wants to hang out with us can join the fun!

We are all really starting to feel like family.

Everyone knows where my serving dishes and glasses are, and they help themselves just like when you go home for the holidays. Thank you Nerium family for this wonderful life you’ve given us. We get paid to party and every day is a holiday!


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