Nerium: A Ripple Story from Chris

Because Nerium is devoted to making people better,” we launched the Nerium Ripple program, which challenges our Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple story from Chris, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

“Real Nerium People”

After months of posting pictures and stories on my Facebook page about Nerium, my cousin, whom I have never met and lives across the continent from me, became interested in the product and the business opportunity. I mailed her a bottle and she was pleased with it. She started asking questions so I got her on a three-way phone call with my upline, but she wanted more. She wanted to rub shoulders with some real Nerium people.

I put a notice out on Facebook that I was looking for someone in her area or even in her state who could help her get started with Nerium. I got nothing. No one responded. Then, finally, a Brand Partner named Jenna saw my post and stepped forward. She was only visiting my cousin’s state, but Jenna was willing to meet with my cousin and her best friend for the better part of an afternoon to answer all their questions.

With her questions answered, my cousin looked forward to attending her first RRP in Novi, Michigan. Jenna’s loving, caring and sharing attitude is changing the lives of my cousin, her son and her best friend, who are all becoming Nerium Brand Partners!

I can pay it forward!

I can never repay Jenna. I can only hope I get to meet her one day and give her a hug. But I can pay it forward! Thank you Jenna, and thank you Nerium!


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