Nerium: A Cancun Story from Eileen

nerium_cancun_eileen-1024x682Nerium Brand Partners are presented with amazing opportunities to change their own lives and the lives of others. One such opportunity was the chance to go on an all expenses-paid vacation to Cancun in August 2012. Here’s a firsthand experience from Eileen, who was able to experience the Cancun adventure despite missing the contest:

“Time of my Life”

I was taken to Cancun as a guest with my best friend, Debra. I had missed qualification by just a little bit and she knew how hard I worked to get there, so she took me with her. I played volleyball on the beach and had the time of my life! We gathered around the pool and shared stories about funny RRPs. I bonded with so many people there; it was really life changing.

“The Service was Top-Notch”

The service was top-notch from the moment we landed to the time we departed. Some of us chose to spend time on the zip-line, which I highly recommend, and Debra and I made new friends from Texas. It was so much fun seeing them at the Bash; we have developed lifelong friends.

I not only met so many wonderful people on the Cancun trip, but I met my soul mate, Jon. We are now a couple and he is the love of my life! My motto now is, “My life is changing and I am changing with it!” Thank you, Nerium!


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