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Nerium International

Nerium International knows that Making People Better is about more than just anti-aging skincare and wellness products. That’s why the company established the Nerium Ripple Foundation in June 2015 – a charitable organization devoted to the vision of improving people’s lives on a global basis. Now, Nerium plans to score another big win for kids and communities with Bowl for Kids’ Sake – Big Brothers Big Sisters’ signature fundraiser.

Making the World a Better Place

Nerium’s 2017 Bowl for Kids’ Sake events have nearly doubled in the number of teams involved compared to last year – 33 so far. Nerium is proud to match the funds raised in these local Bowl for Kids’ Sake events up to $250,000.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is an exciting opportunity for Bigs and Littles across America to come together, celebrate their achievements and have fun interacting with one another. It’s also an opportunity for potential Bigs to become a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship program.

The Bowl for Kids’ Sake 2017 event kicked off in February, with local events continuing through November.

Nerium International

In a 2016 interview with Dallas Weekly, Nerium’s Chief Relationship Officer Renee Olson spoke about the impact of the Dallas Bowl for Kids’ Sake event. “Nerium is delighted to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters to support at-risk children in the program, and we are also thrilled to bring nine new Bigs into the fold,” shared Olson.

Nerium Brand Partner Steve Engleman, who was recognized as Big of the Year from his local chapter in Detroit, Michigan, said it’s an amazing experience that “has given me more than I ever imagined and provided me with the ability to make a difference in another person’s future.”

More Than Just a Skin Care Company

Since 2012, Nerium International Brand Partners have raised close to $4 million dollars for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the 2017 goal is already set to exceed $1 million. Throughout the year, Nerium Brand Partners continue to raise funds with monthly commission check donations, Lemonade for Littles, Live Happy’s International Day of Happiness, our National Conference sponsorship, and our Get Real Conference fundraiser. Nerium International was the proud recipient of the BBBS 2016 Honorary Corporate Partner award, a distinguished accolade recognizing the company as the largest corporate fundraising partner in the United States.

So, grab your bowling shoes and get involved with Bowl for Kids’ Sake in your community. For more information on where local events will be held, visit

About the company:
Nerium International’s charity organization, The Nerium Ripple Foundation, partners with organizations that share the company’s vision of Making People Better. Organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, World Vision, Live Happy, and the SUCCESS Foundation are experts in the work of helping people to live happier, healthier, more productive lives. The foundation’s goal is to inspire brand partners to take initiative to make the world a better place, both individually and collectively. By making life better for one person, you will inspire them to do the same, in turn creating a ripple effect. The Nerium Ripple Foundation aims to create an environment of loving, sharing, and caring that cultivates people who give back to their communities.

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