Nerium: A Ripple Story from Jessica

Because Nerium is devoted to making people better, we launched the Nerium Ripple program, which challenges our Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple story from Jessica, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

I’m a Senior Director at Nerium International. I want to share how Nerium is making a difference in my life, my son’s life and so many other amazing children.

I have three kids ages 2, 3 and 5. My 3-year-old, Dominik, was born with an extremely rare brain abnormality. There are only 20 reported cases of his condition in the entire world. Dominik was also born with feeding issues, deafness, only one kidney, two holes in his heart, a spinal abnormality, and eye issues that could cause blindness without proper treatment.

Because Dominik requires constant medical care, I chose not to go back to work. The family makes constant trips to St. Louis Children’s Hospital, which is a 4-hour drive away. We see multiple therapists on a weekly basis and visit various doctors and specialists daily.

Dominik had five surgeries during the first year of his life, and in the blink of an eye, we were buried in debt from medical bills. That was the most devastating, heartbreaking year of my life, and although things have slowed down a bit since, I still stay extremely busy keeping up with Dominik’s many special needs and disabilities along with the needs of my other two small children. I’m a very busy woman and my understanding husband works 60 to 70 hours a week so I can stay home with the kids.

“I realized I had the power to change my family’s life forever.”

Even with my husband’s long hours, there was no end in sight for escaping our medical debt – that is, until I found Nerium. When I stumbled upon this opportunity, I realized I had the power to change my family’s life forever.

There are three reasons why I chose to get involved with Nerium. First, I wanted my husband to work less so we could have more family time. Second, I wanted to be able to afford specialized therapies, the best private therapists and beneficial equipment for Dominik. Third, I wanted to get out of debt. These three reasons keep me going strong with Nerium.

“This company has created the most amazing ripple in my family.”

This company has created the most amazing ripple in my family. In fact, Nerium is enabling my son to develop to his fullest potential. I’m beyond grateful, and my family is paying it forward by reaching out and helping other families of children with special needs.

We continue to stay actively involved with Children’s Miracle Network. They helped us in so many ways during some tough financial times. Now it’s our turn to give back by raising money for their annual fundraiser. All of the money we raise helps local families of children with special needs. Dominik has been the top fundraiser out of all the “miracle children” two years in a row.

I know because of the Ripple started by Nerium, this next year will be our most successful year yet! Nerium is so much more than an amazing, age-defying night cream; it is loving, caring and sharing. Thank you, Nerium!


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