Nerium: A Ripple Story from Kim

Because Nerium is devoted to making people better,” we launched the Nerium Ripple program, which challenges our Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple story from Kim, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

“Nerium is Devoted to Making People Better…”

My cousin, Lana, introduced me to Nerium. I watched a few videos on her website. I was so excited about Nerium’s scientific results and the phenomenal company structure. This looked like it could be just what I was searching for to help solve my family’s financial burdens.
You see, my son, Seth, needs an expensive drug to lead a healthy and productive life and essentially to stay alive. Our insurance company and the company my husband works for refused to pay for it. The cost of the drug is $25,000 per month. Thankfully, we had been provided the medication by a pharmaceutical company, but we knew that our insurance coverage would soon end..
I signed up as a Nerium Brand Partner as quickly as possible and started my business at full throttle. I attended a Regional in Dallas and met another Brand Partner, Damon. We quickly became friends. He helped coach me on what I should be doing.
My husband didn’t know about Nerium yet, so imagine his surprise when he kept seeing my friends and me having Wine and Wrinkle parties! I qualified for the iPad before I even knew what was happening, and I Lexus-qualified after just 69 days.
Our daughters Morgan and Bri watched me get more excited and hopeful about having a way to provide Seth’s medication. I began checking into ways they could help, too. Bri contacted our State and US Legislators. Morgan petitioned at
The petition quickly received tremendous attention. Before we knew it she had 10,000 signatures. This caught the attention of and local legislators. They contacted us and began taking a closer look at our plight.
The local Fox affiliate contacted us, too. They requested to interview us for a short spot, but the interview ran as the lead story on the 6pm and 10pm news! I was able to send that video and the information on to our pharmaceutical representative. He was so impressed that he forwarded the Fox 4 news video to all endocrinologists nationwide.

“It was such an amazing experience for Morgan!”

Even more astounding was when my husband submitted a singing video Morgan put together to Nerium International for the Fall Bash. Nerium decided that the petition story and Seth’s medical needs were a good example of a Ripple story. So not only did they have her sing a song she dedicated to her brother, they also shared the petition link with all the attending Nerium Brand Partners! It was such an amazing experience for Morgan!
Her petition now has over 100,000 signatures, and the Texas State Board of Insurance is looking into presenting new legislation to keep this from happening to others in the future. We still do not have a resolution for Seth, but at least maybe others in the future will not have the same issues we have had.

“I am forever grateful and humbled to be a part of Nerium International.”

It is so amazing to be partnered with a company that is interested in its partners and their lives. I don’t know of any other company that would help an associate with a personal struggle the way Nerium International has for us. I am forever grateful and humbled to be a part of Nerium International.
Both Bri and Morgan are now Nerium Brand Partners because they know their dreams are attainable through Nerium International!

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