Nerium: A Lexus Story from Kristie

By February 7, 2013Brand Partners, Stories


Nerium Natural Beauty Nerium Brand Partners are presented with amazing opportunities to change their own lives and the lives of others. One such opportunity is the chance to qualify for a Lexus. Here’s a firsthand experience from Kristie, who helped her mom earn a Lexus through Nerium’s program:


My journey with Nerium started with the Lexus. I have been in the direct sales industry for the past six years. I really enjoyed my previous company and loved working with my team. However, my goal was to be a million-dollar earner, and I worked hard at it with very little success.


One of my goals at my last company was to buy my mom a car. She is a widow of 15 years and only had a broken down car to get around in. It was time for her to get a new one and I kept telling her I would buy her one once I could afford it. The whole situation broke my heart.


When I heard about the Lexus program through Nerium, I told my mom that she should join and I would help her earn the car. I planned to continue with my other direct sales company and see what happened.


I Started to get Really Excited…

Once my mom joined, I started to get really excited about the Nerium product and the culture of this company. I went to a conference with my last company, and one week later I went to a Nerium convention with my mom. I couldn’t even compare the two. I wanted to be a part of a loving, caring, sharing company, and I fell in love with the Nerium Ripple.


That month I started giving Nerium my all. I haven’t looked back since. I am happy to say that I helped my mom and I earn a Lexus in 90 days. She cried when she got her car.


My mom has done so much for me and my family. I am so happy that I am able to give back to her. My next goal is to help her earn the $25,000 Live Better Bonus and have her featured in Success from Home magazine. Thank you, Mom, for all you do for so many people. You are my Nerium Ripple!


And thank you, Nerium, for allowing my family to dream again. I feel so blessed every day.



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