Nerium: A Lexus Story from Maria

Nerium Brand Partners are presented with amazing opportunities to change their own lives and the lives of others. One such opportunity is the chance to qualify for a Lexus. Here’s a firsthand experience from Maria, who became a Nerium Brand Partner to have more quality time with her kids:


This opportunity has impacted my life so beautifully. I had been praying for something to come my way that would give me the income and spare time I longed for.


I am the mother of four amazing children. Before becoming a Nerium Brand Partner, I worked over 16 hours a day as a Registered Nurse. My children were asleep when I left for work and asleep again when I got home. On my days off I bought them everything they wanted because I felt guilty being away from them so long. A daycare was raising my babies. I missed out on so many “first time” events because I worked such long hours making someone else’s dreams come true.


Because of the Company Leadership…

When I first heard of Nerium, I felt I was too busy to do anything with it. However, because of the company leadership, I knew I would be a fool not to at least take a look. I’m sure glad I did!


Within a month of applying myself and plugging into the system, I was able to walk away from my nursing job. For the first time, I could be the real full-time mom I wanted to be. I soon earned my iPad and qualified for the Lexus bonus, but I put off getting the car because we had our vehicles paid for. I opted to receive the seven-bottle option instead.


After six months of working with Nerium, my oldest son told me I should get my Lexus. I told him I was okay with what we had. He said, “Mom, you are always encouraging others to get their cars and you’ve worked so hard. You deserve to have one too.”


The day we picked up the car was amazing. Seeing the looks on my children’s faces and hearing them tell me how proud they are of me made it all worth it.


I am extremely grateful to Nerium!

Lexus-In-CA-NeriumI am extremely grateful to Nerium for giving me the opportunity to be the mom I always dreamed I could be. I am able to teach my children that accomplishing your dreams is absolutely possible. Being part of such an amazing company with such amazing leadership is just the icing on the cake. A million thanks to Nerium International!



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