Nerium: A Cancun Story from Mariko


nerium_cancun_marikoNerium Brand Partners are presented with amazing opportunities to change their own lives and the lives of others. One such opportunity was the chance to go on an all expenses-paid vacation to Cancun in August 2012. Here’s a firsthand experience from Mariko, who loved every second she spent in Cancun:

On August 2, 2012, my husband Thom and I arrived at the Cancun airport. When we stepped off the plane, I immediately felt the hot, humid air and realized, “We’re not in Orange County anymore. This is real! An all expense-paid Cancun vacation from Nerium!”

We joyfully got on the van like kids on a field trip

We joyfully got on the van like kids on a field trip, drinking ice-cold bottled water that the driver gave to us. As we got acquainted with our fellow Nerium Cancun earners, I contemplated how it all began.

My husband, Thom, and I had signed up with Nerium eight months earlier, and were very busy learning the business and anything we could about NeriumAD. We thought the Cancun incentive trip was coming up too soon for us. But as we progressed and expanded our business, the Cancun trip suddenly seemed like a possibility. However, we were one month short to make to the deadline.

Then, the announcement about the deadline extension came through. We had an extra month to qualify for the trip! While this was exciting, the vacation was not our only incentive; we were driven more by the possibility of growing our business bigger than ever.

Having said that, we qualified for the incentive trip and had the time of our lives! We arrived in the lobby of the El Dorado Casitas Royal Resort with its beautiful crystal chandelier and wading pools. We were greeted by Nerium executives and their spouses. We also saw some familiar faces from Irvine Regionals .

After check-in, a hotel worker took us to our villa. It was a spectacular suite complete with a bed on the balcony, big bay windows, and indoor and outdoor showers and Jacuzzis. Right outside our room, just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, was a swimming pool with swim-up pool bar.

I was Blown Away

I was blown away by this free vacation! One night, I remember Thom and I sat alone in the KamPai Restaurant. We recognized and greeted other Nerium Brand Partners as they entered. Soon the whole restaurant was filled with jolly Nerium people. And you know, Nerium folks know how to party!

Other days in Cancun included BBQ lunches, Nerium karaoke night, a zip-line adventure tour, beach volleyball, shopping, massages, and swimming in the ocean with drinks in our hands. We did whatever our hearts desired.

Nerium has not only given us a business opportunity, but also family and happiness. We all got together on the beach for our final meal in Cancun. The sun was setting as our dinner conversation deepened our new friendships.

The El Dorado Casitas Royal Resort was spectacular and unforgettable. I felt very blessed to be a part of the fantastic group on the Nerium Cancun trip.


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