Nerium: A Ripple Story from Karen


Because Nerium is devoted to “Making People Better,” we launched The Nerium Ripple program, which challenges Independent Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple Story from Karen, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

Wouldn’t be possible without the Nerium family.

First, I want to thank Nerium, for they’re the incredible vision and the encouraging wisdom  that they consistently share. I am so excited about this journey, and it wouldn’t be possible without the Nerium family.
After a recent RRP in Valencia, Calif., my brother, Steven, and I were talking about our father, who is suffering from cancer. Although I don’t have a very close relationship with my dad, I asked Steven how he was doing. He said Dad was feeling okay, but that his back was hurting from the regular trips to his chemo appointments. My dad has not owned a car in over 20 years and uses his motorized scooter to get around.
On my way home from the RRP, my heart was heavy. I continued to feel terrible that I had a wonderful car to get around in and my dad didn’t, but I was in no financial situation to give my car to him.
The next morning, Steven called me with much enthusiasm in his voice. He shared with me that he had learned of a 1983 Crown Victoria that needed to be sold immediately since the owner had just relocated to a senior living facility. The car was in very good shape with low miles and the seller was asking only $1,500. My heart jumped and I knew this was going to be my ripple for my dad. I told Steven that if we could get it for $1,200, I would split the cost with him.
Well, the seller lowered the price, and Steven and I gave the car to our dad. He shared with us that he had been praying for a car for months. Even though he hasn’t driven in over 20 years, this will be such a blessing to him! His back doesn’t hurt as much and he feels like he has been given a new lease on life.

It’s all because of Nerium…

If Jennifer, a Brand Partner in my organization, hadn’t shared her story about giving her car to a church family, I don’t think this would have ever happened! It’s all because of Nerium and the Ripples we are making!


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