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By February 20, 2017Brand Partners, Building Business

In addition to the company’s mission to Making People Better, Nerium International is purposefully working to grow its global presence in the skincare industry. With the recent opening of business in Hong Kong, Nerium has now established itself in eight countries and three continents. The good news is: We’re only getting started.

Nerium is moving up among relationship marketing companies; not only because of its impressive global expansion, but also because of the company’s dedicated approach to its process. Each market is carefully evaluated before a launch plan is developed and implemented, with many resources and human capital being poured into the venture to support Brand Partners and customers from day one.

Founder and CEO Jeff Olson breaths and believes in his Slight Edge philosophy: Apply simple daily activities to a plan consistently over time.

“From our software development to Brand Partner marketing and training tools, we have invested time and money in preparing our business internationally,” Olson said. “This will ultimately be our greatest strength moving forward in a global market.”

Open for Business in Hong Kong

Regularly expanding its business, Nerium knows the importance of hiring first a general manager for its international market. With extensive experience in direct sales and corporate management, the general manager takes on the huge responsibility of managing operations and strategies within each country.

Nerium Open for Business in Hong Kong

International expansion is Nerium’s greatest strength moving forward in the global market.

At this very moment, Nerium has general managers in these following countries:

  • Australia: Rick Arnold
  • Colombia: Adriana Sarmiento
  • Hong Kong: Eris Ching
  • Mexico: Rafael Avendaño
  • South Korea: BJ Choi

Top priority for each general manager is to hire and support staff that is driven and eager to assist with local marketing, sales, operations, finance, and customer service. The company has brand centers in each of its international locations to serve as a convenient, one-stop resource for Brand Partners. Nerium brand centers also provide meeting space and staff members to assist employees, while training events and professional conferences are held around the world with this year’s Get Real Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, from 20-22 June.

If that’s not enough, ongoing Real Results Regionals are also held in each market. Hosted by local leaders, the events feature special guests who share their professional experiences and encourage both new and accomplished Brand Partners to push their careers to a higher level of success.

Another key to global expansion is high-quality products. Nerium International offers customers in Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea and Japan a line of Optimera Formula products, with Night and Day Creams as the foundation of a 24-hour anti-aging regimen. Most of these countries also offer Firming Body Contour Cream, Optimera Formula, which smooths and tightens skin, as well as, diminish the appearance of cellulite and dimples.

Hong Kong customers use the NeriumAD Formula for Night Cream, Day Cream, and Firming Body Contour Cream. NeriumAD includes the patented, proprietary NAE-8® extract, a synergistic blend of nerium oleander and aloe vera for age-defying results.

Finally, Nerium International lives out its mission of Making People Better through its philanthropic efforts. The Nerium Ripple Foundation has established global partnerships with Big Brothers Big Sisters, World Vision, Live Happy, and the SUCCESS Foundation to make the world a better place, individually and collectively.

To date, Nerium has raised millions of dollars for these organizations and provided thousands of volunteer hours for Big Brothers Big Sisters and World Vision. Brand Partners in the United States, Canada, and Australia are encouraged to join in these efforts to become “Bigs” and mentor young people.

“For many of the kids, seeing their Big Brother or Big Sister is the highlight of their week,” said Chief Marketing Officer Amber Olson Rourke. “That’s what makes our mission all worth it. It’s touching and inspiring to witness how the organization continues to leave a lasting impression on millions of lives.

As Nerium’s quest for global expansion advances, the company will continue to aim for the ripple effect – providing leadership, training, revolutionary skincare products, and philanthropy. Learn more about Nerium today.

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