Building Your Nerium Business in Canada

By April 12, 2014Canada

When we made the decision to expand Nerium International into Canada, we knew that we wanted to do it right. Part of that is equipping our Canadian Brand Partners with the tools they need to build their business. At Nerium, we say that you’re in business for yourself… but not by yourself. We will officially launch Canada on April 21, 2014. When we do, those that joined us during our pre-app phase can now fully activate their account, and anyone will be able to enroll as a new Brand Partner.
After starting your business with Nerium, with one of our starter packs filled with marketing materials, training, personal development, and Optimera to help get your business off to a fast start log into your Online Business Center to learn more about some of these great resources!

Back Office Resources


The first thing you’ll want to do is complete New Brand Partner Training. The Training Wheel walks you through everything you need to learn to lay a strong foundation to build your business upon.
There’s also a wealth of training videos. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; learn from the pros! We’ve made our system easy to duplicate, and we want you to learn from our success.
Finally, delve into the Marketing Center. This is where you’ll find everything from flyers, videos and PowerPoints, conference call replays to Comp Plan details and approved logos and images.

Tools You Can Use


It’s great to be able to send the perfect video to your prospects, right? When you sign up for the Nerium Edge (which is chock-full of helpful tools), you’ll be able to do so with the Nerium Communication Center! In the NCC, you can organize your contacts, send out materials to prospects (and see when they viewed them!), post Nerium information to social media, and much, much more.
The Nerium Experience DVD is crucial for you – after all, we want you to be the messenger, not the message. The DVD makes things as simple as possible – just push play and get out of the way! When it’s done, you’ll have piqued the interest of your prospects; they’ll be curious about how to look better and live better with Nerium!
Finally, we’ve developed capture pages for Nerium Edge subscribers. In addition to your marketing website, these websites are designed to capture the information of your prospects. When someone shows interest in the Nerium opportunity or product, send them to your particular capture page. They’ll have to enter in their information to continue. After that, it’s on you to follow up with them – after all, that’s where the fortune lies!
If you’ve already pre-enrolled, we’ve added marketing assets to your current Online Business Center and your marketing website; those are available now.  Are you excited to delve into all of this great information? It will all be available to you on April 21!

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