Nerium Launches in Canada!

By April 11, 2014Canada

Hey Canada – Are You Ready for Nerium?

Nerium International is poised to launch into action in Canada on April 21, 2014 – and that means you are as well! We’re excited to tell you about opening the doors to Ontario and British Columbia – thus beginning our Canadian expansion – and disclosing our plans for opening all across Canada – after all, this is only the beginning.

But What Does That Mean?


If you had a time machine and could travel back to be on the ground floor of, say, Google, wouldn’t you do it? Of course you would! This is your chance to be part of something bigger than you ever imagined.
On April 21, those who joined during the pre-application phase will be notified of the opportunity to activate their Brand Partner position by ordering their launch kits, which will officially make you part of the Nerium family, and you’ll be able to start building your legacy. You’ll also be able to buy and sell product, enroll other team members, earn commissions, and access all marketing and training materials. Nerium is committed to a strong pre-launch in Canada; you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of resources available to you!
Here is an overview of assets that will be available to you in addition to your launch kit!
– Full marketing website
– Online Business Center with training videos, marketing materials, reporting features and more
– Nerium Edge business building toolset, including Nerium Communication Center, personal development library, advanced reporting, landing webpages and more
– Ongoing training calls and support

What About the Rest of Canada?

From the day we first envisioned Nerium International, we knew that we’d go global in a way that would set-up long-term success for Brand Partners across the world. That’s why we included “international” in our name.
Building a worldwide business in today’s world of global complexities takes patience, a willingness to adapt to governmental/cultural variances and a very smart team of experienced professionals.
By doing this right, a company can become a global success. If done hastily with a disregard to local governments’ regulations and laws, a company can have a fast run to success, only to have serious challenges down the road. Our philosophy is guided by Nerium’s Core Values; in this case, Core Value #7 speaks strongly: slow down to go fast.
This means that we have strategic plans for opening the rest of Canada by the end of June 2014. Today, residents of Ontario and BC can position themselves for success. Shortly, residents of other Canadian provinces can do the same. Remember: Canada is the only other country we’ve opened the doors to. Canada is the first country to be able to experience the power of Optimera, our new international product line.
You’re in an incredible spot at the ground floor of a company that has shattered all records in the industry. Read this press release to see the vision of Nerium’s international expansion.

How Can I Build My Business?


We’ve developed approved marketing materials for you, including the
Optimera flyer, the Optimera video, Nerium Achievements Flyer, the Nerium opportunity video, and these social graphics. These are the only approved marketing materials; please do not create your own or modify those in existence.
Nerium’s here, Canada. Are you ready for real results?

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