Nerium Announces International Expansion

By March 4, 2014Canada

Before you read further, click here to hear the Corporate Call replay in regards to this announcement from Nerium International!

Even before we launched Nerium on August 29, 2011, we had a vision of going global in a way that would set up our Brand Partners with long-term success. There’s been an undercurrent of excitement related to our international expansion. After all, we’re Nerium International; therefore, we should truly be international, right?

Nerium International LogoIt may seem as though this expansion has been a long time coming. Taking a business to new countries takes patience, a willingness to learn about and work with each country’s governmental and cultural differences, and a very smart team of experienced professionals. If a company does this right, it can become a huge success. If done hastily with a disregard to adapting to local governments’ regulations and laws, a company can have a fast run to success, only to have serious challenges down the road. Knowing that one of our Core Values is “Slow down to go fast,” we’ve done just that.

Our strategy for international growth has always been guided by Nerium’s Core Values, specifically Core Value #7: “Slow down to go fast!”

Nerium’s business model has tremendous stability and acceptance on a global scale. We will change lives all over the world with our easy, effective and lucrative model, as it’s built to help the new Brand Partner succeed in developing a solid base of customers who trust and love Nerium products because they bring real results!

Nerium International is excited to begin its international expansion with a Canada Pre-Application process that starts TODAY!

canada_prelaunch_socialbadge_v1We are now accepting pre-enrollment applications for Brand Partner positions in Ontario and British Columbia, which will allow you and your prospects to begin putting your team together in approved provinces. That way, you will be ready to go when we officially launch in the second quarter of 2014!

For only $10 USD, Canadians will receive a marketing webpage and an Online Business Center. They will then be able to fully activate their Brand Partner account when the official launch is announced!

How can you learn more about this opportunity? We’re glad you asked. Check out this flyer to promote Nerium International to prospective Canadian BPs. Share these approved graphics on social media to generate interest as well! If you’re a current Brand Partner, you’ll notice that there’s now a Canadian pre-app button at the top of your marketing site; it really can’t get any easier for your Canadian Brand Partners to enroll! Finally, take some time to read through the marketing assets in your Online Business Center and Nerium Communications Center.

We know that there are many, many questions that this exciting news raises, so we also want you to check out our Canadian Pre-Launch FAQs. You’ll also want to visit this blog post to learn about our new international product line!

Well? Are you ready to take the first step in going global with Nerium International? Visit our website to learn more!




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