Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 5: After the Nerium Real Results Party

By June 19, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalYou did it! You hosted your first successful NeriumAD Real Results Party! Even though the guests have left, your job isn’t done. It’s critical that you take some follow-up measures to ensure your NeriumAD business continues to flourish. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

After the NeriumAD Party

Process orders immediately. If you accepted any paper applications, be sure to process them within 24 hours of the event. Fax the applications to 214-390-9988.

Follow up graciously. The fortune is in the follow-up. Personally contact everyone who attended. Thank them for coming, placing an order for NeriumAD, or signing up as a Nerium Brand Partner. They may have more questions, which you can answer with the help of your upline.

Send targeted messages. Use the Nerium Communications Center to send targeted messages to guests who didn’t sign up or order NeriumAD, despite indicating interest on the sign-in sheet. If the guest expressed interest in the product, send them the “Product Prospect” email campaign. If they said they might be interested in the business side of Nerium, send them the “Business Prospect” email campaign. (These campaigns are located in the “Email Campaign” section of the Nerium Communications Center.)

Contact those you didn’t attend. Don’t delay; call them within an hour of the party and let them you know you missed them and that you would still like to share information with them. Set up a lunch or coffee appointment within the next day or two.

This is your business; treat it as such. But don’t forget to have fun, too! As you get started, you may feel a little overwhelmed, and that’s normal. Just remember, even your upline started where you are now. Turn to them for assistance, as they are your guide every step of the way. Be confident in yourself, stay enthusiastic, and above all else, keep it real, because the best you is the real you!


You are now well-versed in everything it takes to plan, host and follow up after a NeriumAD Real Results Party. Visit our blog often for more information about Nerium International and making sure your NeriumAD business keeps working for you.


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