Nerium International Core Values: Embrace and Drive Change

By July 31, 2013Facts

Many people are intrinsically afraid of change, but NeriumAD products came about because company leadership discovered a new opportunity and embraced the change. As everyone with his or her own company knows, you cannot grow without making changes. Learning to adapt to change is an integral part of business growth and business cycles.

best-skin-careAs a Brand Partner who shares NeriumAD, you are on the front lines. You deal with customers and their questions and issues firsthand. That means it’s your responsibility more than anyone else’s in the Nerium company structure to not only embrace change, but to drive it.


True progress is only possible if you’re willing to learn and make changes based on new information. After all, no one ever got anywhere by standing still.


If you become comfortable with the status quo, your goals of sharing NeriumAD with more people will become stagnant. Nerium leadership realizes this and does everything possible to keep you on track with embracing and driving change in your own business.


Opportunities from Nerium International that help Brand Partners grow in every aspect of their lives include:

~Workshops, such as the Slight Edge for Teens workshop

~Continuing education from the Nerium website

~Community outreach initiatives, such as the Nerium Ripple and partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters


Every company, including your own individual Nerium business, should be ever evolving. Other companies may copy Nerium’s image, promises and website layout, but they can’t copy the passion of our Brand Partners, our culture or out products’ results.


To learn more about our Core Values, be sure to read the other blogs in our Nerium International Core Value’s series. Then, for more information regarding Nerium’s skin care products, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s LinkedIn Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.


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