How to Extend Your Nerium Community

By May 24, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalAn essential part of your success with Nerium International™ is being able to expand your community and find new customers, as well as new Brand Partners, to work on your team. If you’re new to Nerium, this may seem easier said than done. However, we want to set you up for success, which is why we’re offering these insider tips for success with marketing Nerium skincare products.


Reach out to others on social networks

The Nerium Facebook page is a great place to find other Nerium International™ Independent Brand Partners! Brand Partners post questions, testimonials, and comments to the company’s Timeline regularly, including raving reviews and success stories. We also update the page with our own Real Results Pictures, timely information about events, and business-building tips. Find out if anyone leaving those comments lives near you, and whether you might be able to work together.


Find extensive resources in your Online Business Center to get started on social sites.


Keep in mind that while Nerium’s social sites are great places to visit and participate, they’re not the place to share your personal contact information or to prospect. Use our sites for inspiration and to get to know each other – that’s what makes the Nerium family so strong


Host Nerium Real Results Parties

Invite the people who are currently in your network (friends, family, coworkers) to attend an informative Nerium Real Results Party. Hosting a party is a great way to break the ice with a social event where everyone can comfortably ask questions, see Nerium skincare products in action, and learn more about Nerium overall. Make sure the event is about having a great time and educating guests about Nerium, rather than creating pressure to buy. You’ll find tons of information available at Party Central in your Online Business Center.


Get your name out there and start extending your Nerium community today! For more information regarding the Nerium skin care product and how to join our team and become a Brand Partner, visit our Nerium International website and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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