Meet NAE-8 (“Nate”), Mascot for Nerium International

By August 28, 2013Facts

Nerium International is proud to introduce Nate, the beaker mascot who represents the science behind NeriumAD. Nate loves traveling to Nerium International’s nationwide events, meeting new people and dancing. He strives to bring Nerium Brand Partners together, no matter how many miles actually separate them.


But Nate represents much more than just the Loving, Caring, Sharing attitude that the Nerium Family shares. His name is derived from the Nerium extract called NAE-8. Here’s more about this important ingredient in Nerium skincare products


Where NAE-8 Comes From

Nerium International manufactures first-in-their-class botanical skincare products with unbeatable effectiveness. The company’s unique formulations utilize a unique extraction process called NBio-PL. The result of this technique is NAE-8, which combines the properties of Nerium oleander and aloe vera to form a unique and ever expanding flow of new skincare products.


Before the botanical extract NAE-8 can be obtained, the Nerium oleander plant must be grown. Nerium International controls every aspect of NAE-8 production, from the environmentally friendly fields where the plants are grown to the facilities where the extraction and production processes take place.


Nerium International has Nothing to Hide

Nerium International is committed to quality and never compromises what goes into its products. The company also believes in maximum information disclosure to meet industry regulations and keep both Preferred Customers and Brand Partners on the same page.


With over 12 years of scientific experience commercially growing the Nerium oleander plant, the company has had plenty of time to perfect the scientific research, new technology development, natural farming methods, biomass processing, product formulation, manufacturing and product safety testing that goes into making a single bottle of NeriumAD.


Real Opportunity

Combine the masterful growing, processing and manufacturing processes with the relationship marketing distribution method and you have a recipe for success. Brand Partners across the country have the opportunity to start their own small business, sharing Nerium International’s skincare products with friends, family and acquaintances far and wide.


For more information about NAE-8 and the opportunity to become a Nerium Brand Partner, please visit our website. Then, be sure to also connect with us on LinkedIn and Pinterest.


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