Nerium Brand Partner Support Team: Answering the Call

By June 6, 2013Facts

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Where do you turn when you need answers about your Nerium business? If you’ve checked with your upline and gone through the Knowledge Base and still need clarification or answers, give the Nerium Brand Partner Support team a call!


Nerium-International-Lo4AAAbout the Nerium Support Team


Human voices, not recordings: When you call Brand Partner Support, the friendly voice you hear on the other line is one of many representatives ready to show you the ropes, answer questions, and find the tools you’re looking for to build your business.


Constant coaching: The Support team is always updated with changes in the business and current policies and procedures. With an awareness of what’s happening in the field, our representatives are equipped with the knowledge they need to answer your questions quickly and accurately.


Desire to help everyone: At Nerium International, everyone – from the CEO to Brand Partners to the Support team – is a family. Nerium Support is focused on building relationships with Brand Partners. It’s about really getting to know one another, sharing laughs at Nerium events, and giving a shout out on Nerium’s social media platforms. It’s more than just the usual nuts and bolts of customer service; it’s about people being real.


Nerium Support personnel agree: their favorite part about this job is hearing the excitement in a Brand Partner’s voice as they discover new tools and ideas for growing their business. Knowing they make a real difference, they say, is what makes their jobs truly rewarding.


We’re just as excited as you are to see your business grow! Check out the Nerium website, and the Nerium YouTube Channel, for more information about the many resources available to Brand Partners.


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