Nerium Events – Why You Should Attend

By June 6, 2013Facts

If you’ve made it a priority to attend at least one Nerium International event, you know just how important these are when it comes to building your Nerium business. If you haven’t yet made it to a Nerium event, check out the reasons to attend below!


Meet Fellow Brand Partners at Nerium Events

nerium-positive-reviews-300x199If you’ve only associated with your upline and team members so far, Nerium events give you the opportunity to stretch your wings and meet new people from around the country. The connections you build at Nerium events can impact your personal and professional life for years to come.


Participate in Building a Better Community


Nerium events are designed to teach you about growing your business. They also teach you the importance of building a better community. The Slight Edge for Teens workshop, for example, was a free seminar open to all teens who wished to attend. The philosophies taught there were meant to change the lives of teenage attendees for the better.


Nerium also encourages Brand Partners to create their own “Ripples” of positive influence in order to collectively change the world. When you attend Nerium events, you learn more about the ways in which our company strives to build a better community every day.


The Benefits are for Everyone – Newcomers and Seasoned Brand Partners Alike


While the Nerium leadership has decades of combined experience, the company is still very young. We’re not even two years old yet! That means everyone from the first Brand Partner to the newest addition to our company can learn and grow at Nerium events. From learning about the cutting-edge technology Nerium International provides to its Brand Partners, to hearing first-hand about new products, to life-changing personal development opportunities, you should make it a priority to attend every Nerium event!


For more information regarding Nerium reviews and future events in your area, visit our Nerium International website and be sure to connect with us on Nerium’s Pinterest page and Nerium’s Google+ page. We’re continually updating our events calendar, so check back often!


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