Nerium International Offers Deductr to Build Your Business

By July 3, 2013Facts

shutterstock_109897394-300x215Nerium International Brand Partners are considered small business owners. As such, you have the chance to enjoy incredible money-saving tax deduction. Writing off the correct expenses requires dedicated record keeping and persistence. To make the process easier, Nerium International offers full access to a business expense tracking tool called Deductr.


Deductr software is recommended to all Nerium International Brand Partners and is available through the Nerium Edge business management system.

Here’s more of what you need to know about the program:
~Deductr helps you maximize all your tax deductions without tedious mileage tracking, manual bookkeeping, and the inevitable procrastination that prevents you from getting every tax deduction you deserve.

~Deductr is a safe and secure program that tracks and categorizes business expenses; it’s not a banking or money-moving application.

~Use Deductr to organize your business finances directly through a smartphone or computer. Punch in numbers wherever you go, and let the program back up all the information for you.

~The GPS-based mileage tracking system makes it easy to track miles accurately.

~Blue Bar technology lets you input information to receive tax savings calculations in real time.

~Rich reporting features give you weekly and monthly access to your business tax information.

~With simple end-of-year reporting methods, the information you give your tax preparer from Deductr is as accurate as it gets.


Nerium International trusts the effectiveness and safety of Deductr and recommends it wholeheartedly. It’s also a great tool to use if you’re showing potential new Nerium International Brand Partners the tax benefits of owning your own business. The practical tax implements so easily viewed through Deductr could be the clincher for a new Brand Partner to join Nerium, making the program that much more advantageous to your business.


Deductr is only one tool Nerium International provides Band Partners to make sharing Nerium AD easier than ever. Visit our website to learn more about the opportunities awaiting Independent Brand Partners.


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