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Starting a new business sharing the Nerium product involves setting goals that may seem a little overwhelming at first. The best way to accomplish any goal is to break it down into bite-sized pieces.


That’s what Nerium’s 90-Day Run is all about. It’s a game plan that slices up your larger goals into feasible portions. Here’s how to ensure your new business gets off to a running start.

Nerium-ProductSet the Goal

Whatever your goal is, make sure it’s meaningful enough that you stay motivated each and every day during the 90-Day Run. Divide the ultimate goal into three one-month portions, then into weekly portions, then into daily activities that involved sharing the Nerium product. The goal is to understand what you need to do each day to achieve your ultimate goal in the timeframe you have in mind.


Your ultimate goal might be to reach Senior Director level in 90 days and thus earn the Lexus Car Bonus. Break it down like this:

Month 1: Fast Start Qualify for Senior Brand Partner

Month 2: Earn the iPad Bonus

Month 3: Get behind the wheel of a Lexus


Implement the 8-Point System

The fortune is found in your daily routine. Complete a combination of high-payoff activities (HPA) to earn eight points per day. The activities vary in point value from 1 to 4 based on their payoff. However, every HPA is important for making it easier to share the Nerium product with others.


Keep in mind that earning eight points per day is very feasible for even a part-time Brand Partner. You can still fit in family time, hours at another job, downtime and hobbies. It’s merely a matter of redirecting your activities, such as listening to a beneficial conference call instead of watching a sitcom, in order to complete the 90-Day Run.


By earning eight points each day, you earn 40 points per week and 160 points per month. Following the 8-Point System is the easiest way to make your goal a reality by implementing doable daily activities.


Keep Up the Momentum

When the going gets tough, keep yourself motivated to share the Nerium product with others by doing the following:

Create a dream board with pictures of your ultimate goal.

Go to a local Lexus dealership and test drive the vehicle you’re well on your way to earning.

Get your family involved in the 90-Day Run so they can be supportive and helpful.

Work closely with a fellow Brand Partner and keep each other on track.


Nerium Product

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