Nerium – Roadmap to Lexus

By May 21, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalThink earning a Lexus from Nerium International™ sounds too good to be true? Think again! Countless Nerium Brand Partners have already become proud new owners of Lexus cars and SUVs simply by following our roadmap. Now it’s your turn to start down the road to Lexus!


Goal 1: Fast Start Qualify

        ~ Have three active, personally sponsored Brand Partners on your team
        ~ Generate a minimum of 500 PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) in your first 30 days as a Brand Partner
        ~ Generate 2,000 QV (Qualifying Volume) between you and your Brand Partners


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Start earning a 10 percent Coaching Commission
        ~ Are promoted to Senior Brand Partner


Goal 2: Earn an iPad Bonus!

        ~ Generate 500 PQV within your first 30 days
        ~ Generate 4,500 GQV (Group Qualifying Volume)
        ~ Earn the rank of Director within the first 60 days by helping your sponsored Brand Partners Fast Start Qualify in their first 30 days


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Receive an iPad, a $350 bonus, or seven free bottles of NeriumAD
        ~ Are promoted to Director


Goal 3: Qualify for the Lexus Bonus!

        ~ Generate 12,500 GQV
        ~ Earn the rank of Senior Director within the first 90 days by helping the Brand Partners under your personally sponsored Brand Partners Fast Start Qualify in their first 30 days


With these goals complete, you:

        ~ Qualify for the Lexus bonus
        ~ Are promoted to Senior Director


What You Could do with a Lexus from Nerium

All it takes to quality for the Lexus bonus is the desire to spread the word about NeriumAD! Share it with your family and friends; many are bound to see the value of Nerium skin care and want to join you as a fellow Brand Partner.


After you win the Lexus, just imagine the possibilities:

        ~ Stop hitching rides and secure your own beautiful mode of transportation.
        ~ Upgrade your old lemon for a reliable car that turns heads wherever you go.
        ~ Get that second car you’ve always needed for your family.
        ~ Create your own Nerium Ripple by giving the car to a loved one in need.


With dedicated Brand Partners like you, there’s no limit as to where Nerium can go from here! For more information regarding the Nerium skin care product and how to join our team and become a Brand Partner, visit our Nerium International website and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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