Being a Nerium International Brand Partner – The First Week

By May 30, 2013Facts


Nerium InternationalIf you’re nervous about beginning your Nerium skincare business, you can rest assured that the transition is very easy for most of our Brand Partners. This is especially true for people who start off using and experiencing the Nerium Skincare product for themselves before attempting to market it to others. This gives the Brand Partner firsthand experience and provides “before” and  “after” images their friends know are authentic without a doubt.


But don’t take our word for it! Hear about an experience from a real Brand Partner who recently started her Nerium Skincare business:


My first week as a new Brand Partner was a very easy transition. I had already been using a Nerium skincare product and loved it, so several of my friends and coworkers already knew about Nerium when I started. Because of this, many of them were excited to be the first ones on my sample list.


I took my samples and literature to work and started passing them out to the people on my list. I also showed off ‘before’ and  ‘after’ pictures of different men and women I knew personally who had awesome results with Nerium. While my samples were out to prospective customers, I started reading Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge and watching the videos and listening to the CDs that came in my Success Pack.


After five days, the women sampling from me returned the Nerium samples and entered their orders in the computer because they were already satisfied with the results they saw. From there, I went on to the next people on my list and experienced a similar reaction from them as well. Clearly, my first week was very easy. Thanks for the opportunity, Nerium!

-Mitzi T.


To succeed in Nerium skincare, just plug into the already proven system and stay dedicated! For more information regarding the Nerium skin care product and how to join our team and become a Brand Partner, visit our Nerium International website and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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