Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 4: Nerium Real Results Party Day Continued

By June 19, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalThe guests have arrived at your first NeriumAD Real Results Party and you’ve made everyone feel welcome and excited. With every guest eagerly anticipating the beginning, it’s time to offer formal introductions and get the party started! Don’t be nervous about making your first presentation. Keep the following steps in mind, you have nothing to worry about.

(If you missed it, read “Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 3: Planning NeriumAD Real Results Party Day” to learn how easily you can welcome guests into your home.)


What a NeriumAD Real Results Party is All About

Share your “hosting welcome.” You wrote this a day or two before the party in preparation for this moment. Show your enthusiasm as you welcome your guests, keep it short, and don’t worry about reading anything word for word!

Interact with guests. Once you have introduced yourself, turn the floor over to your guests. Allow them to share who they are and how they know you.

Play the Real Results Presentation DVD. Sit back and relax as the video explains Nerium skincare. This is a great time to review the sign-in sheet and see what aspect of Nerium your guests are most interested in.

Let your guests experience NeriumAD. Wet your guests’ hands with a damp cloth and let them try NeriumAD so they can see and feel. it

Introduce the expert. You gathered three to five points about your upline expert in preparation for the party. Share these now as you introduce the expert, whether they are there in person, over the phone, or using Skype. (Avoid referring to the expert as your upline, since guests don’t understand what that means.)

Give your guests direction. Tell guests, or have your upline explain, that there are three options at the end of the presentation. One is, “Thank you for inviting me, but I’m not interested. I have a friend who might be interested, though!” Another is, “I’d like to try the product and enroll as a Preferred Customer!” The final is, “I want to join the Nerium family and start earning an income with my own Nerium business by signing up as a Brand Partner!”

Answer questions and enroll guests. Your expert is there to guide you during this process.

Book more parties. Discuss booking your Preferred Customers’ and Brand Partners’ first Nerium Real Results Parties before they leave. See if you can help them host their first party in the next two to four days!

All in all, an entire NeriumAD Real Results Party should last 45 minutes to an hour. Visit our blog again soon for “Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 5: After the NeriumAD Real Results Party.”


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