Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 3: Nerium Real Results Party Day

By June 19, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalThe party date is set, the guests are invited, and you’ve completed all the other final preparations needed for your first NeriumAD Real Results Party. This is the time to get excited for the main event! If you’re nervous about how to start your NeriumAD Real Results Party, don’t be. The steps are easy! Take a look.

Before Guests Arrive on NeriumAD Party Day

Don’t stress about seating. Wait and see how many guests arrive before you start moving furniture around. If the living room seating fills up, bring in chairs from the dining room. Simply make sure that everyone is gathered in the same space.

Be ready. Don’t rush all the way up to party time. Plan ahead, so you’re ready to go 30 to 45 minutes before your Nerium Real Results Party begins. Take the time to breathe, so you can really enjoy the event.

Get online. Internet access is incredibly important if you plan to electronically enroll new Preferred Customers or Brand Partners who attend your party. It’s your easiest option, so make sure your Internet connection is squared away.


As Guests Arrive on Party Day

Set out the Real Results Party sign-in sheets. This is important for you to capture everyone’s contact information and learn what elements of Nerium appeal to your guests the most.

Point out marketing materials and paper applications. Success from Home and Beautiful You magazines are great reading material to offer guests before the party starts. Point out paper applications that guests can use to sign up when they’re ready.

Leave the Real Results Party Presentation DVD menu playing in the background. The menu plays automatically when you insert the disk. Leave this on so it showcases the results of NeriumAD until you begin your formal presentation.

Start on time. It’s important to be courteous to your punctual guests, so don’t keep them waiting. Start your presentation no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled party time, even if everyone has not arrived.


This is the best way to get your Nerium Real Results Party started. Visit our blog again soon for “Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 4: NeriumAD Real Results Party Day Continued.”


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