Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 1: Planning a Successful Nerium Real Results Party

By June 18, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalThe best way to hit the ground running with your new business is to host a Real Results Party as soon as possible. Hosting such a party is not only easy, it’s also fun! Being slightly nervous is natural. Being prepared beforehand will ensure that your guests enjoy this party as much as you do! Use this guide for planning a successful Nerium Real Results Party with the goal of sharing the benefits of NeriumAD.

What is a Real Results Party?

The purpose of Real Results Parties is to let your friends and family know about your Nerium business and NeriumAD. It is also an opportunity for others to join your team as fellow Brand Partners. Many are looking for an opportunity to improve their lives, and you may hold the key they search for!


As you get started with your NeriumAD business, remember that your Real Results Party is not intended to be a high-pressure sales event. It’s a party! Relax, be a great host, and learn how to set yourself up for success.


Planning a Successful NeriumAD Real Results Party

Book the party. This first step is critical for starting your NeriumAD business. Don’t delay in picking a date and putting it on the calendar. Let people know ahead of time, so they can check their schedule and you have more attendees.

Invite guests. As a general guideline, invite about three to four times the number of people you plan to accommodate, since many people will have prior engagements or schedule conflicts. Don’t worry about packing the room. Remember, even a small party can have a positive effect on your NeriumAD business.

Get excited! Your enthusiasm reflects your commitment to succeed, so don’t be afraid to show your excitement when speaking to guests. When making invitation calls, try standing up and smiling so your enthusiasm is heard through your voice.

Send an Evite. The Nerium Communications Center offers Evites you can send out to announce your Real Results Party. Our option lets you track who has opened and viewed the Evite. You can link it to an event page on Facebook to provide more information for your guests, and to enable your guests to share it with their networks!

Follow up with a phone call. No matter which invitation method you choose, follow up with a phone call. Individual conversations are more personal and yield the best turnout.

Remind your guests. A day or two before the Real Results Party, send out a reminder email, or make one more phone call, to each guests who sent an RSVP.


These are the first steps to hosting a successful Real Results Party! Don’t forget to add customized touches to make sure you get the best results! Visit our blog again soon for “Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 2: 1-2 Days Prior to the NeriumAD Real Results Party.”


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