Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 2: 1-2 Days Prior to Your Nerium Real Results Party

By June 19, 2013Facts

Nerium InternationalThe party date is set, the guests are invited, and it’s a few days before your first NeriumAD Real Results Party. Here’s what you need to do to complete the final preparations.

(If you missed it, read “Getting Your NeriumAD Business Off the Ground Part 1: Planning a Successful NeriumAD Real Results Party” to learn how easy it is to begin the planning process.)


1-2 Days Prior to the NeriumAD Party


Watch the Real Results Party DVD. This DVD is the backbone of every Nerium Real Results Party you will ever host. Watch it so you know exactly what aspects of Nerium skin care will be highlighted in your presentation to your guests.

Shop for refreshments. You don’t have to supply a whole smorgasbord for your guests. It’s not worth stressing over the little things, so keep it simple. You can’t go wrong with coffee and dessert, lemonade and cookies, chips and soda, or wine and cheese.

Line up an “expert” for your party. It’s important to have someone from your upline leadership there to answer questions and provide third-party credibility about NeriumAD products, especially if this is your first Nerium Real Results Party. If your upline doesn’t live in town, they can attend over the phone or participate by using Skype. Gather three to five points about the expert’s story or background, so you can introduce them seamlessly.

Be prepared. Make sure your TV and DVD player are in working order and that you have all the supplies you need. If you’re using a computer for your presentation, download the video in advance. Make sure you coordinate Skyping with your upline, if that’s your plan, and that webcams are ready to go.

Practice your most “welcoming smile.” You might also try something like this: “Hello and welcome everyone! I’m excited to share everything I know about Nerium skin care with you today. Working with Nerium can earn you great rewards and even get you behind the wheels of a Lexus! But before we get started, let’s get to know one another.” Explain how you got started with Nerium, the results you’ve seen from using NeriumAD skincare products, the incentives you have earned so far, and the goals you have for your NeriumAD business.

Gather your materials. For a successful party, you need supplies, a Nerium Real Results Party sign-in sheet, Preferred Customer and Brand Partner applications, the Real Results Party Presentation DVD, and a few Beautiful You and Success from Home magazines.

These are the final steps you would follow when preparing for a successful Nerium Real Results Party! Adding your own touches is more personal and bound to get great results. Visit our blog again for “Getting Your Nerium Business Off the Ground Part 3: Nerium Real Results Party Day.”


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