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Nerium International™ is a company that has always relied on science to develop skincare products proven effective through evidence-based research. The company has developed its own stringent protocols for proving the efficacy of its skincare line. Nerium reached out to ST&T Research, a San Francisco-based group of researchers, physicians, scientists, and regulatory compliance specialists, for the completion of third-party clinical testing of NeriumAD.

ST&T Research

ST&T Research is a competent team of professionals, well-versed in research and scientific study. Accustomed to working with some of the world’s finest universities, research institutes, product manufacturers, legal and regulatory organizations, and customs/transportation entities, the group is a perfect fit for Nerium, because of the shared belief in meticulous scientific practices. Believing that good science produces results that can be duplicated by other researchers using the same variables, the company performed clinical trials for Nerium AD that adhered to exacting standards.

Skin Protocol

Michael Scott, President of ST&T, explains the process: “ST&T Clinical and Research created a skin research protocol for each new study that outlines the following: who conducts the study, what product is used, how the product is to be used (i.e. how much), how often, and under what circumstances. In the process, the subjects are studied for each visit, removing makeup, cleaning their face, allowing their face to calm for 15 minutes prior to scan, etc.”

Real Breakthrough

Nerium-scienceBecause the studies are thorough, they inspire Nerium’s customers with confidence. The real breakthrough of the ST&T process is the technology used. Incorporating the latest skin research systems, the skin-scanning system used in these trials can objectively measure the changes in the appearance of skin, enabling Nerium to show customers evidence of these changes, in order to verify the results of using NeriumAD. Because the skin-scanning system that ST&T uses was designed specifically for research rather than for use in spas, it provides very precise data. Results gathered over a period of 90 days to six months showed evidence of smoother, healthier looking skin, and results were maintained long term.

Participants were enthusiastic about the product, and Scott remains impressed by Nerium’s dedication to scientifically proven products, stating, “Few companies over the years develop original products; most are copy-cats who simply find what is selling and make a package with their name on it. An even smaller number of these companies test their products objectively. Nerium Skincare is a research-based company, which has created an original product based on unique ingredients not found in any other skincare product. They have been performing original research on their formula since at least 2008, and the research continues today.”

Nerium strives to use groundbreaking scientific discoveries to produce safe and effective skincare products, in order to improve lives.

More Information

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