Nerium International Core Values: Slow Down to Go Fast

By July 29, 2013Facts

In a world where you feel as though you’re running at full speed just to keep up, it’s refreshing to know that Nerium International, a natural skin care company, places value on slowing down. As a Brand Partner, you should learn to do the same. This doesn’t mean living in the past or missing out on opportunities because you’re taking your sweet time; in fact, the opposite is true. You can slow down to go fast.

Slow Down to Go FastHow can this seemingly contradictory phrase be right? In what world does slowing down result in going faster?


Consider how quickly the world changes today. Just 25 years ago, fax machines were at the height of technology. It only took minutes to transfer information from paper placed in one machine to paper printed out of another machine a limitless number of miles away.


However, in just two and a half decades, technology has skyrocketed. Mobile devices that fit in the palm of your hand can send a wide variety of digital information to the web, where anyone anywhere can access it in a matter of seconds.


But how does remarkably fast-paced changes in technology apply to natural skin care and being a Nerium Brand Partner?


Nerium International is a very young company in the grand scheme of things. This natural skin care company’s leadership took the time to slow down as remarkable new skin care ingredients presented themselves. Nerium leadership could have decided to sell NeriumAD in a number of ways, but instead of running as fast as possible, they paused to make sure they were running in the right direction.


That’s how the concept of Brand Partners and the process of using relationship marketing to share NeriumAD were born. Company leadership knew they could distribute anti-aging skin care products and change the lives of Brand Partners at the same time. It’s the reason behind the incredible success and unprecedented growth of Nerium International.


You see? All Nerium leadership needed to do was slow down – to go fast.


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