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By November 7, 2017Opportunity

Isn’t it satisfying to see the results of using Nerium’s age-fighting products? Just imagine how satisfying it is to also realize Nerium represents opportunities based on a business model that is designed to maximize the unlimited potential for growth in the flourishing skincare and wellness markets. Not only is it important to deliver innovative anti-aging solutions that work, it’s equally important to provide people with tools for personal development. For this reason, we asked several of our top performing Independent Brand Partners to share how Nerium has fulfilled their lives by completing a given sentence. This is what they had to say:

Imagine your life is filled with…



“I love to share myself with others and to see the joy I create when I get to share Nerium blessings with them. Imagine celebrating your husband’s milestone birthday on an all-expense paid #NeriumVacay and planning another international family trip as you build your own global business!”

— Senior Director Celeste P.



“My wife and I started in this business some time ago. About two years back my wife, Kacy, was diagnosed with cancer. Eight months ago, Kacy passed away. During the 18 months before her death, we spent every minute of the day together, through the good times – long walks – and the not-so-good times – her treatments. Just living our lives together. Since passing away November 22nd, I’ve been with my boys – by their side. We support each other. More importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to live, love, and travel together.”

— 2-Star National Marketing Director Scott C.



“Not only does my skin look great but it glows – I have the confidence to be my best self every day. In addition to my Nerium business growing, expanding, and thriving, I have time freedom! I’m present as my three young children grow and I get to experience every moment.”

— 1-Star National Marketing Director Mandy D.



“Five short years ago I owned a business. I traveled weekly, I worked over 80 hours a week and had all the material possessions in life anyone could want – a nice house, new cars, a boat, motorcycles, and even a hefty savings account. What I didn’t have was time freedom or flexibility. When I was introduced to Nerium I didn’t grasp the concept of network marketing recruiting or building a sales team. My team now includes people in six countries helping me build a global business. With no salaries or office rent being paid and not having to cover health insurance for employees, I can honestly say I’m living with less stress more motivation and a lot more time with my family. Life is what you make of it. I’m so happy that I listened to the Nerium opportunity and more importantly I took advantage of it. Helping others create their own success is what I call living an abundant life.”

— 2-Star National Marketing Director Rick F.



“Through my business, I have been able to bless others, by living an example of an abundant life, which to me is living with a mindset of freedom. Financially, spiritually, and personally being able to pour into the lives of others and allowing the best version of myself to shine.”

— 3-Star National Marketing Director Mary C.



“Imagine going to bed at night knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. The greatest gift that Nerium has given me is the ability to inspire others to reach their untapped potential. My life is enriched with relationships that support risk taking, growth, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Thousands of lives have been touched because I said YES!! That combined with a willingness to grow and help others do the same never ceases to amaze me! I am grateful.”

— International Marketing Director Aana C.



“You get to live a life around your child’s life. Imagine you get to be the mom and wife you’ve always wanted to be. Imagine you get to run a successful business from a carpool line while helping others achieve the same. You can do that with Nerium International!”

— 3-Star National Marketing Director Samantha W.



“My passion is empowering people – Making People Better – whether it’s through Nerium’s innovative products or amazing business opportunities. Either way, both are life changing! I’m passionate about the company, its products, and opportunities…it’s easy to be filled with passion when you feel the rhythm of Nerium and you fall in love with the culture, the people, and the products! My life will never be the same!”

— Executive Director Paula T.



“The feeling of your life being financially secure is a feeling that I just can’t explain. It gives me the freedom to allow myself to accept life on life’s terms without experiencing high levels of financial stress. I feel secure knowing my family has a safety feature we didn’t have before. Now, my business is growing at a fast pace, duplicating my efforts of when I first joined. My relationships with my children are more focused and rewarding without worrying about the cost of single parenting. I now envision my life stay the course. Thank you, Jeff Olson, for your vision.”

— National Marketing Director Deborah D.



“I base my happiness on helping others to live the life of their dreams. By helping others, I help my family live our dreams. Now, my business is expanding globally. While I travel around the world, I still find time to spend quality time with the ones I love!”

— 2-Star National Marketing Director Rick F.

Imagine your life is filled with Nerium. What does that mean to you? In the meantime, keep an eye out for more answers from your top performing Brand Partners!


Nerium International does not guarantee any level of income for any Brand Partner. The actual income of Nerium Brand Partners varies depending on each Brand Partner’s skill, effort and time commitment.

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