Nerium Skin Care | It’s All in the 8-Point System Part 1

By August 14, 2013Personal Development

Whether you’re a new Brand Partner or merely interested in sharing Nerium skin care with others, you are undoubtedly curious as to how to get the show on the road! But before you get ahead of yourself, take a step back and assess what you’re capable of accomplishing on a daily basis. To help you stay on track, Nerium has introduced the 8-Point System.

How the 8-Point System Works

8-Point SystemEvery day, you choose from 10 high-payoff activities (HPAs) in any combination to earn eight points per day. The activities vary in point value from 1 to 4 based on their payoff. However, every HPA is important to the overall success and growth of your Nerium skin care business.


Keep in mind that earning eight points per day is very feasible for even a part-time Brand Partner. You can still fit in family time, hours at another job, downtime and hobbies. It’s merely a matter of redirecting your activities, such as listening to a beneficial conference call instead of watching a sitcom that does nothing to progress your dreams.


Why the 8-Point System is Worth It

See real results: Focus your activities based on the 8-Point System to watch your business grow in leaps and bounds. Are you on track with your goals? Is there more you should be doing? Use the 8-Point System to stay on track.

Create time freedom: Instead of wasting time on activities that have little or no value for your Nerium skin care business, implement the 8-Point System yourself and educate your entire team about it as well. Everyone accomplishes more in less time with this system.

Know who’s serious: The team members who consistently earn eight points or more per day are showing to you that they’re serious about being successful. These are your key players, the ones you should work with most to help each of you become more successful in sharing Nerium skin care products with others.

Nerium Skin Care

Be sure to read part 2 of this series to learn exactly which 10 activities are part of the 8-Point System. To learn more about Nerium skin care, please visit our website and connect with us on our social media sites.

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