Sharing the Best Skin Care Product | It’s All in the 8-Point System Part 2

By August 15, 2013Personal Development

In part 1 of this series, you learned how the 8-Point System works and why it’s worth it to pursue these activities when striving to share the best skin care product: NeriumAD. Now, learn which activities are part of the 8-Point System and their point values.

Sharing the Best Skin Care Product

8-Point SystemAttend a Nerium conference call (1 pt): Learn how to build your business by watching a conference call from home. Each week, your options include a Team Nerium call, the Nerium University webinar, and the Corporate Update call.

Read corporate email (1 pt): Hear the latest news on the best skin care product and learn about upcoming events first to help leverage your business.

Study personal development for at least 15 minutes (1 pt): Improve yourself by getting a daily dose of personal development. Read inspiring testimonials or watch clips from the Real Life Library.

Promote the opportunity to a new prospect (2 pts): Make it a goal to share the Nerium opportunity with two new people every day to grow your team with new Preferred Customers and Brand Partners. Third-party tools make it easy. Use the Nerium Communications Center, Success from Home magazine, Nerium DVDs, Wednesday recruiting calls, and samples of the best skin care product.

Promote the product to a new prospect (2 pts): The best way to prove NeriumAD’s effectiveness is to have people try it. Let a new prospect use NeriumAD for five nights and ask that they take a before and after picture so they clearly see the results. You can also promote the product with Beautiful You magazine.

Follow up with a prospect/3-way call (2 pts): If you’re a new Brand Partner, follow up with your prospects using a three-way call so your upline is there to help you get the prospect to the next step.

Attend a live event (3 pts): Grow your knowledge base and use live events as an excuse to bring guests and Nerium teammates along.

Train a new Brand Partner (3 pts): It’s important that new Brand Partners start off on the right foot. Direct them to the New Brand Partner Training online, and then meet with them to review their Launch Worksheet.

Host a Real Results or 3UR Free Party (4 pts): These events are the best way to maximize your time and share the best skin care product on the market with more people at once.

Host/attend a Training Party (4 pts): Get together with others during Nerium University. Learning is more fun when you do it together!


If you missed it, be sure to read part 1 of this series to learn more about the 8-Point System. Then, visit our website and connect with us on our social media sites to learn more about the best skin care product.

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