Nerium Review | How to Stay Motivated During the Summer Part 1

By August 8, 2013Personal Development

Every time you read a Nerium review from a satisfied customer, you might wish that customer was your own. The only way to increase your customer base and get more Brand Partners on your team is to stay motivated. But with the kids out of school, the sun shining brightly and the pool beckoning, how do you stay on task? Here are three tips to get you on the right track.

Step Away from the Formality of it All

As a Nerium Brand Partner, you are technically self-employed. That grants you a great deal of freedom in making your own schedule and setting goals. Abandon some of the formality you usually have and choose to present a Nerium review in a creative way, such as at a pool party or backyard barbecue.  Nerium is a fun product you can easily share with friends and family, which means you can and should present it in a fun way.

Stick to a Schedule

Aim to work more efficiently so you squeeze out the most productivity from every hour you spend working. Don’t forget about your business goals and financial obligations just because you’re giving yourself a few extra hours off each week in the summer. Set specific hours you plan to work and maintain your goal to share skincare products and Nerium reviews with a certain number of people each week. Display your goals in a place you see often so you don’t lose sight of why you became a Nerium Brand Partner.

Take it Outside

Who says you have to be cooped up inside to be productive? Take your laptop and cell phone with you and work outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Eat your lunch on the porch, prospect while on vacation and strike up a conversation with other parents at your child’s swimming lessons.

Even take your workout regimen outdoors for the summer. By hiking, cycling, running, or swimming outside instead of in a gym, you get your fill of outdoor time so you can concentrate on work when you need to.

If you enjoyed these tips, be sure to read part 2 of the series. Then, learn more about Nerium skincare products and read Nerium reviews by visiting our website and connecting with us on Nerium’s LinkedIn Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.

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