Nerium Skin Care Products | How to Juggle Your Family and Your Nerium Career Part 2

By August 21, 2013Personal Development

As you start sharing Nerium skin care products, you may wonder how you’ll maintain your family life while growing your business simultaneously. In part 1 of this series, you learned the first four critical steps to juggling your family and your career. Here are four additional steps to ensure your success.

shutterstock_133154003Limit Distractions

To help you be more productive during work time, avoid time-wasting distractions. Make your work space separate from where you spend your free time so you aren’t tempted to overlap the two. Avoid casual internet surfing, long lunches and other distractions that keep you from reaching your goals for sharing Nerium skin care products.


To help you make the most of your family time, limit TV-watching to once a week and really spend quality time with your partner and children. Give your family your full attention and don’t try to multitask when spending time with them. Resist the urge to talk about work or check your phone during family time.


Establish Family Traditions

Making time for your children alongside sharing Nerium skin care products is critical for a healthy family. Establish traditions, such as having family breakfast every Saturday morning or family game night every Wednesday evening. It doesn’t really matter what you do or when you do it, as long the family is together.


Go on Dates

Don’t forget to nurture the relationship with your partner. Schedule at least monthly date nights, though weekly is better. Spending time together need not be expensive; have an evening in, cook a meal together and talk over a bottle of wine. Just don’t talk about work!


Spend Time Alone

Be sure to grant yourself a little “me” time, a chance to recharge and take care of yourself for a change. Remember, you can’t be an effective parent or partner if you neglect your needs and become cranky, tired or sick. Lose yourself in a good book, take a long bath, exercise, or spend time on a hobby you enjoy at least once a week. Above all else, be sure to eat well and get enough rest to have the energy you need to balance your time sharing Nerium skin care products and family life.

Nerium Skin Care Products

If you missed it, be sure to read part 1 of this series for a complete list of tips for balancing work and home life. Then, to learn more about Nerium skin care products, please visit the Nerium website and connect with us on our social media platforms.


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