How to Live a Life That Truly Makes a Difference

By December 26, 2017Thought Leadership

Back in 2015, one of my most ambitious goals was to expand Nerium International’s philanthropic efforts to support several different non-profit organizations – including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) and World Vision. Organizations like these have the power to change lives. Look at BBBSA – the organization matches children, ages 6 through 18, with adult volunteers to encourage children to foster positive and healthy relationships; whereas, World Vision tackles the causes of poverty and injustice around the world. That’s the power of caring!

Not a day goes by I don’t feel extremely blessed. In my position as Nerium’s chief leadership officer and board member of the Nerium Ripple Foundation, I’ve had incredible opportunities to connect with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I get to see the impact of positive change on both sides of the equation – adults as well as children. That’s such a special feeling!

I’m so proud of the many Nerium independent Brand Partners who volunteer as “Bigs” for BBBSA and are committed to making a true and measurable impact on the world. That’s just one of many reasons I love what Nerium stands for! If you’re interested, find out how you can make a difference by clicking here.

You see, at Nerium, our goal has always been to Make People Better. Whether it’s through the products we sell, the opportunities we create, or the organizations we serve. We believe that by helping others, touching their lives, and impacting the world around us, we grow into the best versions of ourselves. You can achieve the latter by committing to a life that has purpose and meaning. In positive psychology, reaching this level of happiness and satisfaction is described as self-actualization – a state of being in which you are the best version of yourself. Achieving self-actualization requires focusing on specific aspects of your life. For me, these actions include,

  1. Practicing mindfulness
    Even though mindfulness is a natural quality all of us possess, not everyone truly understands the meaning and value of practicing mindfulness. Greater Good magazine defines mindfulness as maintaining a “moment-by-moment awareness” of your thoughts without any judgment. This is important because practicing mindfulness help us to be aware of the present instead of focusing on past events or worrying about the future. One technique I use to practice mindfulness is setting aside time and a comfortable space in which to think and be aware of the present without being judgmental.

  1. Committing to random acts of kindness
    I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s the little things that oftentimes make the biggest difference. A smile, a compliment, and a friendly gesture are three acts that can have a lasting impact on a person. Random acts of kindness do not have to cost you a thing but to truly benefit from this behavior allow yourself to grow, develop, and recognize your happy feelings. For more fun ideas, view 35 Little Acts of Kindness.
  1. Experiencing Life
    Life is short and every moment matters – the beauty as well as the pain that surrounds you. The empowering part is that you don’t be a bystander. Make a difference because you have the power to do so.

Thrive Not Survive

Oftentimes, people ask me about past accomplishments. I think they expect me to talk about my role in helping drive Nerium’s growth or my contribution in helping the company become the fastest direct sales company to achieve $100 million in revenue in its first full year of operation. Yes, these milestones are very special. I’ve been blessed with so many aspects of my life. I wish the same for you!

As we near the end of 2017, I’m excited and proud of what we’ve accomplished together this past year and I can’t wait to see where the Nerium journey will take me next. I’m appreciative for all of YOU for being such an important part of my life, but more importantly, I’m appreciative that in 2018 we’ll have more opportunities to positively impact the lives of others. Knowing that is a great way to end 2017 and an even better way to start 2018. That’s the power of Nerium!

Where do you see the power of Nerium taking you in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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