5 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss with Nerium International

By February 24, 2014Results

1891185_638698309512032_901823956_nHave you been dreaming of becoming your own boss?  Millions of people dream daily of escaping the daily grind by working for themselves. Through teaming up with Nerium International, our Brand Partners have found that making that fantasy a reality is easier than ever. Here are some major reasons why becoming your own boss is something worth pursuing.


1. No micro-management

Shun being flanked with multiple memos and redundant emails from a myriad of superiors. Shirk incessant updates, reminders and phone calls regarding the same topic. Random inquiries about “your progress” are an added stressor in any work environment; with Nerium International, micro-management will be a thing of the past.


2. Cubicle schmubicle.

Feeling boxed in at your current job? Perhaps it’s because many of us are boxed in… literally. There’s no reason to spend the majority of your life confined to a small, uninspiring space. As a Brand Partner with Nerium International, your office is wherever you decide. Work from your living room, your favorite coffee shop, the patio of a restaurant, or even your back porch. Attend events, interact with your Nerium family, but whatever you do, don’t settle for being smothered by a workspace sized in a way that would be more suitable as a coat closet. With Nerium International, you’re the boss and you create your own atmosphere.


3. Never again feel like you are dispensable

Becoming your own boss means you don’t have to worry about layoffs and cutbacks. After the past few years, wouldn’t it be nice to take that off your list of concerns?


4. Long lunch? No problem.

When you work for yourself, you set your own hours. You can take a long lunch or indulge in a movie marathon at 8:00 pm, because the only person you have to answer to is yourself. Work extra-long days Monday through Thursday and take a long weekend – without asking anyone’s permission. You are in charge of your schedule when you are your own boss.


5. Salary caps are a non-issue.

556970_544304875618043_1927472239_nWhen you own your own business, your income is entirely in your hands. Never again will you wonder when that much talked about pay raise is actually going to arrive. False promises of more money or better benefits are a non-issue when you work for yourself. Not to mention, you’ll never again wonder if the lack of increase in salary is due to the nature of your performance, or if the promise of such is just a tactic to keep you from leaving the company. Nobody has time for that kind of second-guessing, and nobody deserves that kind of headache.



Working for yourself is a huge decision and it isn’t for everyone, but considering a career with Nerium International just may be the solution to your dissatisfaction with your current employment situation. Consider teaming up with Nerium International and becoming your own boss. Once you discover that the Nerium Experience is truly a flexible, rewarding way to live, you might even want to send someone a memo about it.

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  • cfraire says:

    There’s nothing better than being your own boss!

  • Sara K Turner says:

    I used to think that this was a way to make some “shoe money”. 2 years later…I didn’t realize this would be buy a shoe factory kind of money! So blessed to have finally found the secret to not only financial independence but the time freedom to put my family first while earning residual income from home!

  • Victoria says:

    I LOVE being my own boss! I LOVE Nerium!! 🙂

  • Darya Eudora Mace-Tasker says:

    Love Nerium!!! The product, the business, the people!!!

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