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By May 14, 2015Results

What is EHT®?

EHT is Nerium’s new supplement for enhanced brain performance. EHT is an innovative and patented ingredient derived from the positive ingredients in coffee. EHT resulted from 20 years of research by Dr. Jeffry Stock.

Dr. Stock is a Princeton University professor and chairman of Signum Biosciences, which conducts research in partnership with prestigious and accredited universities, as well as government and industry organizations. To learn more about Nerium’s relationship with Signum, click here!

What does it do?

EHT promotes brain health and helps with general alertness and attentiveness. It also promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health, as well as improves both memory and recall. EHT improves the brain’s ability to recall both short and long term memories. EHT also helps increase focus and mental alertness, much like coffee does! This supplement enhances the body’s natural energy stores while simultaneously boosting the body’s immune system!

How to Purchase

Our new EHT Supplement will be sold as part of a Limited Time Offer on May 15. This offer is available only for Brand Partners and Preferred Customers. This offer is only good while supplies last! EHT will be officially added to Nerium’s domestic product line on August 1.

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